The Ultimate Guide To Slimming World On A Budget

February 7, 2020
Slimming World on a budget
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Are you trying to follow Slimming World on a budget?

Saving money when you’re trying to eat healthier can seem like a real challenge, and if money is a little tight at the moment, or you just want to make your cash go further, then you might have convinced yourself that it’s just not possible. 

The good news though is that it’s totally doable to save money when you’re following Slimming World. 

You can eat delicious foods, stick to your plan, and spend much less than you might initially imagine. 

Here, we’re going to take a look at a load of practical, actionable advice that will slash your spending whilst you’re slimming… 

Question your mindset around healthy eating being expensive 

Everyone always assumes that healthy eating will cost them a small fortune. 

After all, we’ve all seen those comparisons that are regularly shared online that will have us believe that fresh fruit and vegetables are always significantly more expensive than the likes of frozen burgers and chips. 

When you look at the real facts and research in this area though, it’s not so clear cut. 

An interesting article published in the Washington Post reported that it’s often not a pricing issue, but a perception issue.

Whilst it’s true in some instances that ‘health foods’ can be pricier – particularly if you’re looking at organic foods or trendy ‘superfoods’ – there are plenty of nourishing options out there that are cheap as chips. 

The bottom line here is that it’s really a mindset thing. Slimming friendly foods can be expensive if you want them to be, but it’s never completely necessary. 

Approach the challenge of Slimming World on a budget with a positive mindset, and you’ll find plenty of options that won’t break the bank. 

Get cashback whenever you buy groceries online 

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If you’re making any kind of purchase online, you might as well get that cashback whilst you’re doing so! 

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Pick up freebies and discounts with the Shopmium app 

If you’re not already using the Shopmium app, then you really need to be! 

You can download it for free on your phone, and it’ll give you access to a range of free and discounted foods every time you visit the supermarket. 

Just browse for items that take your fancy, then make your purchase. Snap a quick picture of your receipt, and upload it to the app. You’ll get your cashback directly to your bank account or via PayPal. 

Recently I’ve picked up free reduced fat cheese, free sparkling water, free iced coffee, and a ton of half price deals. The offers change all the time, so there’s sure to be something that you’ll like.

Better still, if you enter my referral code 3jy43 when you join, you’ll get a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

(Yes, Ben & Jerry’s definitely isn’t particularly slimming friendly, but you could always give it a lucky friend or family member, or save it for a treat). 

Buy meat in bulk from Muscle Food

Muscle Food is a UK based, award winning healthy food delivery company, and they offer a huge range of premium meat hampers for a fraction of what you’d pay at the supermarket. 

Just pop your purchases in the freezer, and you could be stocked up for all your recipes for an entire month or more. 

As an example, take a look at this super lean hamper right here…. muscle food hamper

All items are slimming friendly, and you can double up for just £1, which will give you 70 extra pieces. 

New offers are available all the time, so there’s always opportunities to save on your meat purchases. 

Shop your kitchen cupboards 

Many of us have all kinds of things kicking about our kitchen cupboards that we’ve totally forgotten about. 

Before you rush out to do your next shop, why not pause for a second to see what you could create from the things that you already have? 

It can prove to be a fun challenge, cuts down on waste, encourages you to get more creative with your cooking, and of course it could save you money and help you to stick with Slimming World on a budget. 

Check out the world foods aisle

If you head to the world foods section in your local supermarket, you’ll often find the same items in different packaging, for much cheaper than in the main aisles. 

Cooking sauces and dried herbs and spices, for example, can be up to 80% cheaper gram for gram

You may find that there are brands that you’ve never heard of, but they’ll often be much more authentic and of an equal if not higher quality. 

Drop a brand

Just because something comes in fancy packaging and it’s more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. 

Often, there’s very little difference between ‘luxury’ and ‘budget’ purchases, beyond the labelling and the price. 

Next time you go shopping, why not challenge yourself to drop down a brand? 

So if you usually buy Kelloggs cereal, downgrade to Tesco’s own brand. 

If you usually buy Asda’s own brand orange squash, go for a value option instead. 

The point here isn’t to make the switch forever, but to identify where you might be spending more than you need to. 

If you find that you really do prefer a more expensive brand then you can always return to it next time you need to make a purchase. Along the way though, you’re sure to find cheaper alternatives that you’re more than happy with. 

Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables 

Sticking to fruit and vegetables that are currently in season will save you money, and you’re also likely to notice a big difference when it comes to taste. 

Not too sure what’s in season right now? This useful list from the Vegetarian Society tells you everything you need to know. 

Always create a meal plan

If you don’t know what you’re going to be eating from one day to the next, then you’re inevitably going to end up making a lot more impulse purchases. 

Spending a little time on a meal plan at the start of a new week will ensure that you’re not buying things that you don’t need, and cut down on food wastage. 

Crouch down! 

Supermarkets try all kinds of tricks to get you to spend as much as possible. 

One of these is that they often place the most expensive products at eye level. They hope that you’ll simply grab and go, and won’t delve around to find better value. 

So next time you’re shopping, crouch down and take note of how different the prices often are on fairly similar products. More often than not, the cheaper items will be at the bottom of the shelves. 

Eliminate waste by making better use of your freezer

How many times have you bought fresh herbs for a recipe, only to end up chucking over half of them away because you simply didn’t get the chance to use them before they were past their best? 

You can eliminate waste by popping your herbs in the freezer, where they’ll stay fresh for up to 12 months. 

You can take a similar approach with fresh vegetables. If you think that they won’t get used, make a batch of soup or a simple veggie curry, and freeze it. 

Don’t dismiss simple but tasty meals

I love cooking new recipes, and I make a conscious effort to try something new each week. 

There’s no denying though that this can sometimes prove to be expensive, especially if it involves buying a whole host of new ingredients that you don’t already have at home. 

Getting creative in the kitchen can keep your slimming plan interesting and exciting, but remember that not every meal has to be Instagram worthy. 

There are plenty of simple, cheap meals that you can create for when you’re following Slimming World on a budget. Think beans on toast, pasta dishes, and omelettes, to name just a few. 

Always read the small print on supermarket offers

It’s important to remember sometimes that supermarket offers don’t actually exist to save you money. They exist to make more profits for the supermarket in question. This could be in the form of shifting stock that they have too much of, or encouraging you to spend more than you’d originally intended.

Though deals and offers can indeed sometimes help you to save, it’s not a given, and you need to be savvy with your decision making. 

According to research from consumer champions Which, there are three main culprits that might catch you out:

In short, everything is not always as it seems when you spot offers and discounts on the shelves, so always take a second look to assess whether it really is good value for money when doing Slimming World on a budget. 

And of course, you aren’t saving money if you’re buying stuff that you don’t need or won’t use, so don’t fall into the trap of chucking stuff in the trolley just because there’s an offer! 

Cut back on eating out and ordering takeaways 

I love a takeaway as much as the next person, but we all know that they can be expensive – and they can seriously derail your weight loss plans! 

The average Brit spends about £80 a month on takeaways, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you can get much more for your cash if you’re cooking from scratch. 

So you’re not missing out on the taste, check out these fakeaway recipes: 

If ditching takeaways seems just too miserable to imagine, then why not set yourself a challenge to do it for just a little while, and see how you get on? 

Be savvy with best-before dates

There’s a difference between best-before dates and use-by dates, and if you’re not checking labels carefully, it’s likely that you’re throwing a lot away unnecessarily. 

If an item is labelled as use-by, it means that eating it past the recommended date is risky, even if it looks and smells fine. This will often apply to meat and dairy products. 

If an item is labelled as best-before though, it often doesn’t have anything to do with food safety, and you’ll have a bit more wiggle room. This is often the case with tins, cereals, and dried foods.

Apply a little common sense, and don’t just automatically chuck something in the bin because of a best-before date! 

Cook in bulk and freeze portions of your favourite meals 

We all know that cooking in bulk can be considerably cheaper, but we don’t always want to eat the same meals night after night. 

If you live alone or you have a small family, you might find yourself spending more than necessary simply because you want to add some variety to your meal plans. 

So many slimming friendly recipes are freezable though, and this approach will definitely come in handy if you have a long day at work and just can’t be bothered to cook. 

Final thoughts on Slimming World on a budget

Oh, and before you go… 

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