What To Serve With Chicken Florentine

August 30, 2021
what to serve with chicken florentine

Once you try out these ideas for what to serve with chicken florentine, you’ll want to make them over and over again! 

I’ve been cooking up this main course at least once a month for several years, and that combination of tender chicken and leafy spinach, served with a truly scrumptious creamy, white wine sauce is always a winner. 

To ensure that I don’t get stuck in a recipe rut, I make sure that I have a variety of different side dishes and accompaniments up my sleeve to choose from. 

Some are perfect for those evenings when you don’t have time to waste in the kitchen, some are ideal for when you want to impress dinner party guests, and all of them are completely delicious. 

Without any further  ado, here are my best suggestions for what to serve with chicken florentine… 

what to serve with chicken florentine pin

1. Sweet potato mash 

Sweet potato mash is beautifully creamy and its vibrant colour makes it look so appealing when served on a plate alongside your chicken florentine. 

Plenty of recipes will recommend adding extra sweetness by adding in brown sugar, honey, or even marshmallows, but I think it’s completely unnecessary. 

Keep that natural, slightly earthy taste by stirring in a knob of butter or a swirl of cream. 

mashed sweet potatoes

2. Garlic roasted potatoes 

How do you take roast potatoes and make them even more delicious? 

Easy… just add garlic! 

When you need something that you can be sure everyone will love when it comes to what to serve with chicken florentine, you really can’t go wrong with garlic roasties. 

I also like to add a few sprigs of fresh herbs, such as rosemary and thyme. 

garlic roasted potatoes

3. Fluffy boiled rice 

Once your creamy wine sauce has been drizzled over a mound of fluffy white rice, you’ll realise exactly why this simple side dish is one of the very best. 

For the best results, rinse the rice thoroughly before cooking, and avoid stirring whilst it’s bubbling away. Though it’s really tempting to give it a stir, or it’s likely to come out way too sticky! 

Different types of rice will require slightly different cooking methods and times (for example, brown rice requires more water than white and takes longer to cook), so make sure that you refer to packet instructions before you get started. 


4. Pasta or spaghetti 

Chicken florentine pasta is often considered to be a dish in its own right. 

Just take your favourite recipe and stir cooked pasta through before serving. 

Alternatively, you can of course serve your pasta or spaghetti on the side of the plate. 

serve with chicken florentine pasta

5. Honey roasted carrots

Adding honey to carrots gives them such a satisfying sweetness, and this is a side dish that will be popular even amongst the fussy eaters at your table. 

If you’ve tried this before, you might have found that honey can easily burn the carrots. 

The solution here is to roast the carrots until they’re done, remove from the oven, then stir through the honey and return to melt and heat through for just a few more minutes. 

The result will be perfectly cooked, sweet morsels of delicious carrot! 

honey carrots

6. Mashed cauliflower 

That creamy sauce can mean that a chicken florentine is a rich and decadent dish, so you might want to steer clear from heavy, carby sides and get creative with your veggies instead. 

If that’s the case, try mashed cauliflower! 

It’s easy to make, nutritious, and perfect when served simply with a little butter stirred through whilst still piping hot. 

cauliflower mash

7. Roasted seasonal vegetables 

A tray of roasted vegetables is a colourful, crunchy option for what to serve with chicken florentine. 

The secret to making sure everything is packed full of flavour is to select veggies that are currently in season in your local area. Not only will this improve the taste of your meal, but you’re also likely to save some cash and cut down your carbon footprint. 

A few of my favourites include parsnips, beets, and Brussel sprouts, with a handful of whatever fresh herbs I can find at the local greengrocery. 

roasted veggies

8. Courgette noodles

This is another great choice for what to serve with chicken florentine if you want to keep things light and fresh! 

Spiralise your courgette and toss in a hot pan with a spritz of cooking oil and some seasoning for just a few minutes. 

You’ll want to keep a slight crunch, and avoid overcooking to avoid them becoming a little slimy. 

Alternatively, you could serve these raw like you would with a salad. 

courgette spaghetti

9. Freshly baked bread 

A chunk of fresh bread is an essential for soaking up that beautiful florentine sauce! 

A crusty variety is your best choice, and be sure to serve it alongside some salted butter for spreading. 

Making your own will impress your guests, though one of my favourite kitchen hacks is to go for a part baked variety that’s ready to just pop in the oven for around ten minutes. 

Your house will smell of freshly baked bread, the taste will be unrivalled, but you’ll have saved a ton of time! 

french bread

10. Purple sprouting broccoli 

Purple sprouting broccoli can make your dish all the more special, and whilst it’s really tasty when simply steamed, there are so many different options for getting creative. 

Feeling up to the challenge?

Check out these purple sprouting broccoli recipes

purple sprouting brocolli

Share your own recipes for what to serve with chicken florentine 

Do you have any family favourites that you always like to prepare when you’re making this meal? 

If so, leave a comment and tell us more about the recipes you love, and why you think they work so well. 

It’s always a joy to hear about the kitchen creations that other people love, and it can be a wonderful way to discover new things to try for yourself! 

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