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How To Pause A Peloton Class

December 10, 2021
how to pause a peloton class

A Peloton pause button has been in high demand by many users for quite some time now, and at the annual Homecoming event in April 2021 it was finally announced that the feature was due to be rolled out.  Though it’s introduction has been something of a controversial subject in Peloton’s Facebook communities, there’s no denying that it can be extremely useful for a whole…

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Why You’re Not Losing Weight With Peloton (With Solutions!)

December 3, 2021
not losing weight with peloton

If you’re anything like me, one of the key factors that lead you to buy a Peloton bike was that you wanted to lose a few pounds – and of course, keep them off!  Losing weight is only one of the many benefits that you can take away from owning the bike, but many people discover that they don’t drop the pounds in the way…

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Why Is Coconut Water So Expensive?

November 23, 2021
why is coconut water so expensive

Coconut water comes with a whole host of health benefits, is packed with vitamins and electrolytes, and is a popular choice for rehydrating after a workout session. You may well be wondering though, ‘why is coconut water so expensive?’.  It’s certainly pricier than many other hydration products on the market, so if you like to keep an eye on your spending, you might want to…

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Why Is Sushi So Expensive? 4 Reason You’re Paying More

November 18, 2021
why is sushi so expensive

If you’ve visited a sushi bar lately or even browsed the preprepared selection often available in supermarkets, you may well be asking ‘why is sushi so expensive?’.  The traditional Japanese delicacy, typically made with rice, vegetables, and fresh fish, has surged in popularity in recent years and many Westerners enjoy it on a regular basis, but there’s no denying that it can put a sizeable…

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Why Are Grapes So Expensive? Here Are 6 Reasons

why are grapes so expensive

Grapes are a delicious addition to the family fruit bowl, but if you’ve been paying attention to your grocery bill lately, you may well be asking yourself, ‘why are grapes so expensive?’.  Whether you regularly pick up a bunch to add a little goodness to lunchboxes, use them as an adornment on a sophisticated cheeseboard, or you just like snacking on them throughout the day,…

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Welcome to! I’m here to share advice, tips, and recipes so you can make your slimming plan and healthy lifestyle work for you. Find out more…

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