Rice Pudding Toppings: 19 Delicious Ideas!

January 22, 2023
rice pudding toppings

Looking for ideas for rice pudding toppings? 

I’ve got you covered! 

I love to serve up a warm bowl of comfort in the form of creamy, homemade rice pudding, and it’s a simple but nourishing dish that’s a hit with the whole family. 

Adding toppings can transform your humble dessert into something really special, and with a bit of creativity, you can serve this retro classic at any time of the day. 

So whether you’re going to the effort of making your own pudding from scratch, or you’ve just found a can lurking in the back of your kitchen cupboards and you want to transform it into something super tasty, you’ll find all the ideas you need right here… 

The best ideas for delicious rice pudding toppings

1. Your favourite fruity jam or marmalade
2. Lemon curd 
3. Peanut butter and sliced banana
4. Biscoff spread (add crumbled biscuits for extra indulgence!) 
5. Poached pears 
6. Rum soaked raisins
7. Apple compote and cinnamon (spices are a wonderful and warming addition to rice pudding) 
8. Chocolate chips 
9. Dried cranberries
10. Dried apricots 
11. Salted caramel sauce 
12. Figs and honey 
13. Maple syrup 
14. Coconut (desiccated or fresh) 
15. Melted white chocolate and fresh raspberries 
16. Tropical fruits
17. Sweet mincemeat (perfect at Christmas!) 
18. Chopped nuts
19. Stewed apples and blackberries 

Final thoughts on toppings for rice pudding 

Rice pudding is a warming, comforting, bowlful of deliciousness, and though it’s traditionally a dessert, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day and can even be considered as a meal in its own right. 

By adding a selection of your favourite rice pudding toppings, you can ensure that you never get bored of this old school delight. 

Fruit is probably the easiest and most nutritious topping, but if you take a quick look through your fridge and pantry, there’ll be no limit to  the creative options you can come up with! 

Let’s finish up by answering a few frequently asked questions… 

What fruit goes with rice pudding? 

Practically every fruit that you might have at home can be served and enjoyed with rice pudding. Some popular choices include bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and figs.

Remember that you aren’t limited to fresh fruits. Dried and canned varieties can be just as tasty and nutritious, and they’re often a more convenient option if you don’t have time to visit the supermarket. 

What can you do with canned rice pudding? 

Canned rice pudding is a fantastic pantry staple. It can be used to whip up a quick and easy dessert when your kids are asking for something sweet, or it can be used as a simple and budget friendly but filling meal on busy evenings, especially if you add fruit and something like peanut butter, jam, or compote. 

If you want to get a bit more creative, try this recipe for rice pudding pancakes

How can you make canned rice pudding better? 

Here are some ideas you might want to try… 

Have you got any extra tips for making rice pudding extra delicious? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! 

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