What To Serve With An Omelette: 13 Sides

August 1, 2021
what to serve with an omelette

Ideas for what to serve with an omelette, for breakfast, lunch, or an evening meal. 

An omelette is one of those super versatile dishes that can be served up at any time of the day. 

They can be an excellent healthy start to the day, can be crammed with delicious fillings such as ham and cheese for a quick but tasty lunch, or they can even be served for dinner if you ensure you have a couple of delicious sides up your sleeve. 

If you need some inspiration for what to serve with an omelette then you have come to the right place here.

Let’s walk through some of your options, and consider when they might work best… 

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1. Pan fried spinach and mushrooms

Spinach is packed with iron and vitamin C, and mushrooms are high in fibre, protein, and antioxidants. 

Cooked together, they’re oh so good for you and also absolutely delicious. 

Keep things simple by cooking them together in a pan with a knob of salted butter. You’ll want to cook your mushrooms for a few minutes first to allow them to soften, then throw in the spinach and gently stir with a wooden spoon until wilted and well combined. 

I sometimes like to add a few cloves of chopped garlic, though you might want to leave this out if you’re planning to serve your omelette for breakfast! 


2. Baked beans 

Baked beans are a super quick and easy option for what to serve with an omelette, and they’re a great choice if you’ve chosen a filling that includes cheese and bacon. 

Just pop your beans in the microwave for a few minutes, or simmer over the hob, and you’re good to go! 

baked beans

3. Veggie crudités

An omelette for lunch is a wonderful choice when feeding toddlers and children, and if this is the case, you’ll want to ensure that they’re also getting a decent serving of veggies to fill them up and ensure they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. 

Chop up cucumber, carrots, and peppers, and serve with bitesized morsels of tomatoes and radish.

Add some leaves to the plate for a little extra decoration, if you like. 


4. A leafy green side salad

A side salad is easy to prepare, and you get as fancy as you like, depending on what you like to include. 

A good base will typically include lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and tomato. 

If you want to impress or you just want to really taste that rainbow, add sweetcorn, beans, peppers, carrot, beetroot, pickles, and olives. 

A good dressing can make a salad into something really special, and it’s often worth making your own rather than picking up a prepared version at the supermarket. 

Try these 10 salad dressings you can make in minutes

garden salad

5. Peas and sweetcorn

This is another option for what to serve with an omelette that’s easy to prepare and perfect for lunchtime. 

It’s also colourful, quick, and bound to be popular with even the fussiest of eaters. 

peas sweetcorn

6. Hash browns

An omelette can be a delicious and nutritious breakfast in its own right, but if you’re really hungry or you want to prepare a special weekend treat, why not add a few extra breakfast staples to make things a little more exciting? 

A good choice here is a serving of hash browns. 

Making your own is fairly quick and easy.

Check out these perfect hash brown patties, which are just as tasty as their McDonald’s counterparts! If you follow the instructions carefully then they won’t go soggy, and you’ll get that satisfying golden crunch that everyone loves. 

sw hash browns

7. Cold cuts of meat

If you’re going for a simple cheesy omelette, then why not add some cold cuts of meat to a serving platter so everyone can help themselves? 

Ham and chorizo work really well here, though there are no rules! The saltiness of these cuts of meat works really well with the creaminess of a cheesy omelette, and will satisfy meat eaters looking for an extra hit of protein. 

cold cuts of ham

8. Raspberries and honey

When it comes to what to serve with an omelette, you don’t have to stick with savoury choices!

In fact, a sweet omelette can work really well. I like to add bananas and cinnamon for a warming treat in the cooler autumn and winter months. 

On the side, add some fresh raspberries and a drizzle of honey. A little natural yoghurt is a great option too. 

raspberries honey

9. Bread and butter 

Making an omelette into a meal doesn’t have to be a complicated affair.

If you have some bread and butter in your kitchen then you’re good to go! 

This makes for a quick and easy breakfast or lunch when you need to do a shop and just want to use up what’s left in the pantry. 

bread and butter

10. Grilled tomatoes

Grilled tomatoes, sprinkled with a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper, really are a taste sensation when served alongside a plain omelette. 

If you can, pick up a selection of different colours and varieties to add some extra interest to your plate. 


11. Griddled asparagus spears

Asparagus is low in calories and a great source of a selection of different nutrients. It’s rich in fibre and folic acid, which makes it a fantastic choice for pregnant women. 

It’s delicious when served griddled alongside an omelette. 

asparagus hollandaise

12. Chunks of your favourite cheese

Instead of using cheese as a filling for your omelette, why not keep it plain and then serve a selection of cheese chunks on the side? 

Cheddar, red Leicester, Gloucester, brie, and stilton are all tasty choices. 

If you’re going down this route, add some slices of tomato too, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or some good quality balsamic vinegar. 

grated cheese

13. A toasted English muffin 

There is something that’s just simple yet sophisticated about an English muffin! 

Serve it lightly buttered alongside your omelette, or keep it for afterwards, spread with some strawberry jam. 

Some final thoughts on what to serve with an omelette 

Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to consider the filling that you’ll pick for your omelette, so you can select side dishes and accompaniments that will work the best. 

An omelette is so quick and easy to prepare, and the right selection of sides can really make your meal into something that meets all your needs – whether that’s a quick bite to tide you over until lunchtime, or a sophisticated lunch to serve with friends, bistro style! 

If you want to save these ideas for another day, you can pin the image below over on Pinterest. 

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