What To Serve With Cheese Soufflé

September 14, 2021

Lots of inspiration and the best recipes for what to serve with cheese soufflé – make sure you read this before you plan your next dinner party. 

Let’s be honest here… Making a soufflé can be really challenging! It’s a notoriously difficult dish to get right, so if you’re pulling out all the stops and giving it a try for a special gathering, you’ll want to make sure that you really do it justice. 

Part of that process is carefully considering the sides and accompaniments that you’ll serve alongside your soufflé. Whether it’s intended to be a starter or a main course, let’s take a look at the very best options… 

what to serve with cheese souffle

1. Crispy bacon salad with roasted cherry tomatoes 

This crispy bacon salad with roasted cherry tomatoes recipe is perfect when served with cheese soufflé, as the saltiness of the bacon and vibrancy from the tomatoes works so well with those pillowy mouthfuls of fluffy goodness. 

This one does take a little over an hour to prepare and cook, so make sure that you don’t leave it until the last minute! 

bacon tomato salad

2. Melba toast 

Melba toast is one of the quickest and easiest choices you’ll ever come across when it comes to what to serve with cheese soufflé. 

It’s so simple that it hardly requires a recipe! Just slice your bread as thinly as you can, toast, and you’re ready to go. It’s best if your bread is starting to turn slightly stale and you cut the crusts off. 

It might seem basic, but it’s a handy option to have in your personal cookbook if you enjoy entertaining. These little bits are a joy when served with soufflés, dips, spreads, and pates. 

melba toast

3. A platter of crudités 

A soufflé is light and creamy, so from a texture point of view, adding something crunchy can be a wonderful idea. 

The good news is that a platter of crudités really couldn’t be any easier to prepare. Chop up carrots, peppers, cucumbers, radishes, and any other veggies that might be in season. 

Make your platter that extra bit special by adding a bed of salad leaves. Watercress and rocket will work particularly well here. 


4. Pear and walnut salad

You’ll often find gorgeous cheeses being served with fruits at upscale restaurants, and we’re going to create our own spin on this trend by serving your cheese soufflé with a delicious pear and walnut salad! 

The sweetness of the pear and the crunch of the walnuts bring so much to the plate. 

This recipe for pear and walnut salad includes a zesty orange mustard dressing, as well as dried cranberries, dates, and raisins. It definitely proves that salad doesn’t have to be boring! 

pear walnut salad

5. Toasted almonds

As you’ll know if you’ve ever enjoyed a sophisticated cheeseboard, nuts complement cheese perfectly. 

This is why toasted almonds should be considered for what to serve with cheese soufflé. 

Just preheat your oven, spread the nuts out on a baking tray, and ensure they’re in a single layer.

Bake for around 8 minutes, shaking the tray once during the cooking process. Keep a close eye on them whilst they’re baking, as they can burn quite quickly if you’re not careful! 

toasted almonds

6. Onion chutney

Cheese and onion is an unbeatable combination. 

From a humble cheese and onion sandwich enjoyed at your desk with a cup of tea, to a decadent soufflé with a sticky chutney, it’s one of life’s little pleasures! 

If you really want to impress, make a homemade onion chutney. It’s wonderfully sweet and sticky, and you can make a few extra jars to give to friends as gifts! It’ll be a lovely reminder of your gathering. 

onion chutney

7. Sun dried tomatoes 

Cheese and tomato is another famous combination that you might want to explore when you’re planning what to serve with cheese soufflé. 

Serve sun dried tomatoes in a decorative serving pot in the middle of the table alongside some cocktail sticks and allow your guests to help themselves, like you would with olives. 

Alternatively, you could make a salad with sun dried tomatoes, rocket, some parmesan shavings, and a drizzle of good quality balsamic vinegar. 

sundried tomatoes

8. Freshly baked French baguette

You can’t overlook freshly baked baguette when it comes to what to serve with cheese soufflé. 

Some fresh bread and a light side salad is all you need to make an impressive meal, and you can simply tinker with the portion sizes to make it suitable for either starter or main course. 

crusty bread roll

Planning your menu for what to serve with cheese soufflé

Bear in mind that a cheese soufflé is a culinary accomplishment in its own right, and it’s definitely going to be the star of the show at any dinner party! 

Don’t be afraid to keep things simple and choose an easy to prepare side dish – such as a light salad or some melba toast – so you can focus the rest of your time on relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends and family. 

Have you tried any of these suggestions? Which is your favourite? 

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