What To Serve With Nachos: 19 Tasty Ideas

April 25, 2022
what to serve with nachos

Do you love nachos? Me too! Whether you want a quick dinner for a busy midweek evening, or something to serve up next time you have friends over for a catch up, you can’t go wrong with a pile of crunchy tortilla chips, loaded with all your favourite toppings. 

From creamy guacamole to spicy salsa, there are plenty of different choices that will keep everyone happy. 

If you’re wondering what to serve with nachos so you can make sure it’s a filling meal rather than just a snack, you’re in the right place.

Here are the tastiest ideas for side dishes and accompaniments… 

the best sides to serve with nachos

1. Fajitas 

Fajitas are a real feast of both colour and flavour, and one of my favourite things about making them is that you can tailor the ingredients you use to suit you and your family. 

Use chicken, beef, prawns, or even tofu, and throw in a combination of onions, peppers, mushrooms, and courgettes. Add some chopped red chillis if you love your food with a bit of a kick, and garnish with coriander, lime wedges, and plenty of grated cheese. 

This Tex-Mex staple is the perfect choice for what to serve with nachos. 


2. Chicken wings 

If you’re putting together a finger food buffet, wings are a fantastic option that will complement your nachos perfectly. 

Trying to keep a vibrant Mexican theme? I highly recommend these Mexican chipotle wings

You’ll need just a handful of ingredients including chilli, lime, and honey, and you’ll be rewarded with a real taste sensation. 

Things could get a little messy here, but that’s all part of the fun! Make sure you have some wipes available at the table for those sticky fingers. 

chicken wings

3. Easy Mexican rice 

Mexican rice is a popular and super simple dish that consists of white rice, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and stock. 

Take the opportunity to use up any veggies that you might have in your pantry. I like to add peppers and sweetcorn, and a generous pinch of paprika for a little extra flavour. 

This is a great option for lunchboxes too, so you might want to make a little more than what you need for dinner so you can enjoy the leftovers the next day. 

easy mexican rice

4. Mexican street corn

Mexican street corn is also known as elote, and it involves grilling corn on the cob and then topping with a creamy sauce and some cheese. 

It takes just a few minutes to make, and it’s a must-try side dish for any Mexican meal. 

mexican street corn

5. Stuffed jalapeno peppers 

If you love food that has a satisfying spicy kick, you need to try stuffed jalapeño peppers

Peppers are stuffed with a cream cheese filling, before being wrapped in crispy prosciutto and served with a tomato dip. 

Some home cooks prefer to boil their jalapeños before cooking, but I like to stuff them raw so they keep a satisfying crunch. 

Jalapeños can be frozen for up to a year, so having some in your freezer is an easy way to make sure that you only need a few extra ingredients to make a delicious side dish. 

stuffed jalapeno peppers

6. Chilli con carne 

Chilli con carne can be used to top your nachos, or you might want to give your guests the option to pick and choose and add it to their plate separately. 

It’s a rich and hearty dish that’s easy to make, and you can cool it down a little for the kids by adding a dollop of natural yoghurt. 

I like to make my chilli con carne with beef mince, but pork works really well too. If you’re serving vegetarians, you can substitute meat with quorn, sweet potato, beans, or pulses. 

syn free chilli con carne

7. Mexican pozole 

Mexican pozole is a rich broth made with pork, corn, and red chillis, then topped with veggies such as shredded cabbage, radishes, coriander, and avocado. 

It’s often traditionally served on Christmas Eve, but it tastes just as good any day of the year! 

This is the kind of dish that people will often only be familiar with if they’re really passionate about Mexican food, so if you’re a little bored of the usual tacos and fajitas and you want to expand your culinary horizons, this is a wonderful option for what to serve with nachos. 

mexican posole

8. Fish taco salad 

Love tacos, but fancy something a little lighter?

You need to try these fish taco salad bowls

Flaky white fish fillets are cooked in a classic taco seasoning and served alongside avocado, lime, and salsa, and the result is one of those meals that makes you truly enjoy eating healthily. It’s the kind of meal that you can imagine being served on an idyllic beach on a hot summer day! 

Tilapia and cod are the obvious choices here, but I also recommend trying monkfish if you’re in the mood for some experimentation in the kitchen. Its flesh is mild and sweet and often likened to lobster, and it’s a perfect choice if you don’t like an overly fishy taste. 

fish taco salad

9. Avocado rice 

Avocado rice is super creamy, healthy, and colourful, making it a great choice for what to serve with nachos! 

To make, mash up your avocado in a bowl and add garlic, lime juice, and cumin to taste. Season with salt and pepper, and then stir in warm cooked rice. 

This side dish is always really popular with guests, and I also like to serve it alongside fajitas, tacos, and other Mexican main courses. 

avocado rice

10. Margarita grilled shrimp 

During the warm summer months, I can’t get enough of this margarita grilled shrimp recipe

Pick up the freshest, juiciest prawns you can find, and remember to serve alongside your favourite tequila, lime wedges, and some sea salt. 

This dish can be a main course or a side, and is ideal when added to a feast that includes crunchy nachos. 

grilled prawns

11. Chipotle chicken taquitos 

Taquitos are rolled up tortillas stuffed with your favourite Mexican fillings, before being baked or fried. I like to bake mine to keep things a little lighter (and less messy in the kitchen!), and you can make big ones as a main course, or smaller ones as part of a buffet meal. 

This recipe for chipotle chicken taquitos is ready in just 35 minutes. 


12. Empanadas 

Empanadas are a popular Mexican street food, and they’re another fantastic addition to a feast where everyone can tuck in and grab a little bit of what they fancy. 

The best homemade empanadas are made with a pastry consisting of butter, water, flour, and egg, stuffed with minced beef, potatoes, cumin, chilli, paprika, and fresh herbs. 


13. Salsa chicken 

Take some taco seasoning, a jar of your favourite shop bought salsa, a tin of sweetcorn, succulent chicken breasts, and you have everything you need to make a quick and easy salsa chicken main course to serve with a plate of nachos! 

Garnish with spring onions cut diagonally for presentation purposes. 

salsa chicken

14. Mexican barbecue ribs 

This Mexican barbecue ribs recipe involves marinading pork in citrus juices, garlic, and chillis, before cooking them over hot coals.

The result is delicious finger food that works really for for serving with nachos! 


15. Sweet potato fries 

Everyone loves a serving of fries, and the sweet potato variety are a fabulous choice that will bring sweet, nutty flavours to the table. 

I like to cook mine in an air fryer, though you can simply roast your fries in the oven if you prefer. Add a good drizzle of olive oil and your favourite dried herbs for seasoning. 

sweet potato wedges

16. Deep fried guacamole 

If you’ve never tried deep fried guacamole before, you’re in for a real treat! Morsels of creamy avocado are coated in crunchy tortilla chips before being fried until crisp and golden. 

They’re a fabulous addition to any Mexican inspired meal, and they’re a great way to shake up regular ingredients to make something a little more unusual. 

deep fried guacamole

17. Red cabbage and pickled chilli slaw 

This red cabbage and pickled chilli slaw recipe takes a handful of ingredients and turns them into a vibrant, colourful side dish that’s perfect alongside a generous helping of nachos. 

I love the spicy kick of heat from the jalapeños, but if you’re catering for kids, you can leave it out and simply dress with some fresh lime juice and extra virgin olive oil. 

red cabbage slaw

18. Spicy chicken, mango, and jalapeño salad 

There’s nothing better on a warm day than a refreshing salad. Even better when it has a colourful mix of fruity mango, spicy chicken, and hot jalapeños! 

The beauty of this kind of dish is that you can use up any ingredients that you might have in the fridge, and really put your own stamp on things. 

I like to add lots of avocado, red onion, and fresh coriander. 

mango chicken salad

19. Pulled pork 

Pulled pork is budget friendly, tender, and juicy, and is a wonderful option for what to serve with nachos if you’re a passionate meat eater. 

Pork shoulder is the best cut of meat to use here, as it has the desired fat content to yield a melty, succulent result. 

The secret to the best pulled pork is to ensure that you cook it low and slow. It’s not the kind of dish you can make if you’re short on time! If you have a few hours available though, it’s a hand-off dinner that just requires some patience. 

pulled pork

Which of these side dishes for nachos do you want to try the most? Leave a comment and let me know! 

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