What To Serve With Pad Thai: 10 Incredible Sides for 2022!

May 23, 2022
what to serve with pad thai

Oodles of silky noodles, colourful veggies, and plenty of chicken or prawns, all tossed in a fragrant sauce and garnished with chopped nuts and herbs, pad Thai is a delicious dinner that plenty of foodies enjoy making at home. 

But what about sides and accompaniments? 

In this roundup, you’ll find inspiration for delicious pairings that turn your noodle dinner into a real feast. From crunchy salads to delicately steamed dumplings, all of them are full of fresh flavours. 

So read on, and get planning your next Thai inspired meal! 

the best side dishes for pad thai

1. Thai green papaya salad 

I love a side salad, especially when the weather is warmer, but it’s easy to grow tired of your usual lettuce and tomato combination. 

This Thai green papaya salad has ingredients such as juicy papaya, hot chillis, roasted peanuts, and zesty, zingy lime juice. 

If you think salads are usually a little boring, think again. I’m pretty confident that this one will change your mind! 

thai salad

2. Thai steamed dumplings 

Thai steamed dumplings are a good option for what to serve with pad Thai if you’re looking for finger food style appetisers that everyone round the table can share. 

They’re very much in the spirit of communal eating, and are best enjoyed with a glass of chilled white wine and some great conversation whilst you wait for your main course to be ready. 

Popular fillings include minced chicken, pork, or prawn, alongside shredded veggies, soy sauce, sesame oil, and fresh lime juice. 

steamed dumplings

3. Tom yum soup 

You can’t beat soup for a side dish or starter! 

Tom yom soup is surely everyone’s favourite Thai option, and it’s a delicious combination of a homemade broth with shrimps, lime, chilli, coriander, mushrooms, tomato, and fish sauce. 

Many people shy away from fish sauce when cooking, but trust me when I say that you definitely shouldn’t leave it out.

It may smell fishy straight out of the bottle, but that’s not what it brings to the table when it’s used as an ingredient in soups and sauces.

Instead, it gives a salty, rich, umami punch to your recipes. Keep an open mind and give it a try! 

tom yum soup

4. Thai marinated ribs 

More delicious Thai finger food for you to dig into! 

These Thai marinated ribs are deeply flavoured, and I like to share them as an appetiser before the main course. 

Remember to put some finger bowls on the table so everyone can dig in without any worries of getting too messy. 

thai ribs

5. Classic Thai fish cakes 

Fish cakes are a popular Thai street food, and they’re probably one of the most popular starters that you’ll find in Thai restaurants right around the world. 

They’re also easier to make than you might imagine. 

It’s just a case of taking fish, red curry paste, egg, rice flour, and fish sauce. Blitz everything together, form into patties, and fry. 

thai fishcakes

6. Chilli garlic prawns 

These chilli and garlic prawns are so easy to make, but if you ensure you find the freshest prawns you can possibly get your hands on, you’ll be rewarded with little morsels of mealtime heaven. 

They’re a great choice for what to serve with pad Thai if you want just one or two accompaniments that are worthy of being on the menu at a very special occasion. 

grilled prawns

7. Beef satay skewers

These grilled beef satay skewers are nothing short of perfection! 

Think tender chunks of marinated skewers, beautiful charring from the grill or the barbecue, and a bold, chunky peanut sauce slathered over.

They’re fragrant, sweet, and sticky, and you’ll be sure to get requests to make them again and again. 

beef yakitori skewers

8. General Tso’s cauliflower

If you’re looking for a veggie option for what to serve with pad Thai, you have to try General Tso’s cauliflower

You’ll fry florets of cauliflower until crisp and golden, then toss in a sweet but savoury sauce made with tomato paste, sugar, and soy sauce. 

It’s a real party in your mouth, and even passionate carnivores will have to agree that this side dish would take a lot to beat. 

general tso cauliflower

9. Thai lettuce wraps 

Lettuce wraps are so fun to serve with pad Thai, as you can set up a little station with a choice of ingredients and let everyone help themselves. It’ll be popular with kids and adults alike, and it also saves you some work! 

Just take leaves of a sturdy lettuce like iceberg or little gem, and offer a handful of fillings like Thai mince and salad. 

lettuce wraps

10. Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Vietnamese rice paper rolls, sometimes also known as Vietnamese spring rolls, are made with wrappers made from rice noodles, and stuffed with minced meats, shredded veggies, and fragrant herbs. 

They’re perfect for serving with pad Thai because they can be filled with your family’s favourites and they’re another ideal finger food to put on the table. 

They’re also typically very healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, and as long as you choose your fillings wisely, they can be very low in calories. 

Make sure that you add a dip to the platter when you serve. Some good options include sweet chilli and nutty satay. 

rice paper rolls

From authentic and traditional Thai dishes to those that take some delicious ingredients and a dash of creativity, there are many choices for what to serve with pad Thai. 

Which of these sides will you be recreating next time you cook up a feast for your family or friends? 

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