Slimming World Speed Foods for 2023

August 14, 2019
slimming world speed foods
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There’s quite a bit of lingo to get your head round when you start your Slimming World plan, and you might be wondering exactly what Slimming World speed foods are, and how you’re supposed to incorporate them into your meal plans.

The good news here is that once you know the ‘rules’, so to speak, everything is fairly straightforward.

You’re going to become very well acquainted with speed foods, so it’s worth taking a little time to familiarise yourself with what they’re all about.

Here’s what you need to know… 

What are Slimming World Speed Foods in 2022?

Speed foods are quite simply those which Slimming World encourages you to eat the most of, to aid your weight loss.

They’re going to help to ensure that you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need, and they can also play an essential role in boosting your weight loss.

It’s recommended that a third of your plate consists of speed foods at every meal.

Because the list is fairly extensive, this shouldn’t prove to a problem.

Please note that the only way to access an up to date list of Slimming World free foods is by joining the plan either online or at a local class in your area. It’s well worth doing this so you’ll have all the knowledge, support, and resources you need to stick to plan and reach your goals. 

Why are Slimming World Speed Foods so important?

By now, you might already be aware that Slimming World free foods include, for example, pasta.

But does that really mean that you can eat unlimited amounts of the stuff at every meal?

Well, no.

Of course not.

At the end of the day, you’re only ever going to lose weight if you’re in a calorie deficit – so if you’re burning more calories than you eat on a consistent basis.

Though Slimming World doesn’t involve calorie counting, you can’t escape that basic scientific fact. And maintaining a calorie deficit if you’re smashing through massive bowls of pasta all day long is going to be impossible.

This is the whole point of speed foods.

They’re low in calorie density, and so if they make up a large part of your plate, the total calorie value of your meal is therefore lowered, compared to if you simply had that big plateful of pasta.

Including speed foods in your diet allows you to have healthy, balanced meals. It ensures that you’re getting plenty of fruit and vegetables to fill you up at mealtimes, thus cutting back on the other, more calorie dense foods that you’ll have on your plate.

By encouraging the consumption of speed foods, you’re likely to be adapting to good habits and taking a sensible approach to portion control.

How to incorporate Speed Foods into your meal plan

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure you’re getting the required amount of speed foods is to serve a generous portion of salad or vegetables alongside your meals.

Let’s look at a few specific examples though that you might want to try…

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned follower of the plan, it’s always worthwhile keeping a copy of the Slimming World speed foods list close to hand, so you can ensure that you’re making the right decisions.

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