What Dessert Goes With Sushi? 10 BEST Treats!

June 28, 2022
what dessert goes with sushi

If you enjoy experimenting with different cuisines and you have a passion for delicious, healthy food, you may well be a big fan of sushi. 

Typically featuring specially prepared rice, often some kind of fish or seafood, a light seaweed wrapper, and a variety of chopped veggie fillings such as cucumber and avocado, sushi is so versatile and it can be suitable for so many different occasions. 

These days, you can pick up decent sushi in many supermarkets, and enjoy it as your desk for a super quick and nutritious lunch and a far more interesting treat than a sandwich. 

At the other end of the scale, you can prepare your own at home using only the finest quality pieces of fish and create a platter of sushi that would be suitable for a grown up and sophisticated dinner party.

If you’re preparing dinner for guests, you might be looking for inspiration for the best desserts to serve with sushi. 

What dessert goes with sushi?

There are plenty of delicious choices for desserts for sushi, and many of the options that work best are light, refreshing, and inspired by traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine. Some of the tastiest choices including chocolate rice crispy cakes, Dorayaki, strawberry and pistachio olive oil cake, honey toast, green tea ice cream, banana sushi, and Japanese butter cookies. 

Let’s take a look at the best dessert recipes for you to try for sushi night… 

the best desserts to serve after sushi

1. Chocolate rice crispy cakes

I love serving these retro favourites as a dessert for sushi! They’re ridiculously easy to prepare, they’re popular with kids and adults alike, and they make for a light but delectable sweet bite after your main course. 

They feature easy-to-find ingredients, and you can bake them with the help of your little one. I recommend trying this recipe for rice crispy cakes from Tesco Real Food. 

You might think that this is just a fun dessert, but it’s actually a nod to traditional Japanese desserts too. Okoshi is a popped rice treat that began life as a popular street food in Tokyo, and is still one of the most commonly bought souvenirs in many tourist areas. 

rice crispy cakes

2. Dorayaki (Japanese sweet-filled pancakes)

If you want a sweet and delicious treat to serve to your guests after sushi night, look no further than Dorayaki.

This Japanese pancake sandwich features sweet red bean paste filling and a thin layer of honey. The pancake is made using readily-available ingredients (except for the red bean paste, which is optional if you can’t get hold of it).

Plus, it’s perfect for those of us who are just beginning making Japanese sweets; it’s relatively easy, fast, and close to a regular pancake.

Different people like to prepare and cook Dorayaki differently, but I love and would recommend this recipe; it’s simple to follow, and the end product is delish!

japanese sweet pancakes

3. Strawberry and pistachio olive oil cake

Moist and light, strawberry and pistachio olive oil cake is made with polenta or cornflour, and is wonderfully refreshing when served with a dollop of natural yoghurt and some extra strawberries as a garnish. 

It’s the kind of sweet treat that isn’t too overpowering after a sushi dinner, and cleanses the palate beautifully. 

strawberry cake

4. Shibuya honey toast

Shibuya honey toast is one of the best choices when it comes to what dessert goes with sushi.

It’s sweet and delicious, and you can add whatever toppings take your fancy. Good choices include whipped cream, your favourite biscuits such as Oreos, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, and ice cream.

I like to add my toppings to the middle of the table, and let my guests dig in and build their own desserts! This kind of set up is always a big hit when you’re catering for friends and family, and it’s a great idea for when you have kids at the table.  

french toast

5. Green tea ice cream

Green tea ice cream may sound a little bit strange if you’ve never tried it before, but it’s commonly served after Japanese meals such as sushi. Best of all, it’s absolutely delicious. 

Fancy making your own at home? It’s easier than you might think! I love this green tea ice cream recipe. It’s simple to follow and rewards you with a refreshing treat that balances sweet, earthy, and slightly bitter flavours.

green tea ice cream

6. Banana sushi

Who says that sushi always has to be savoury?! Continue the theme by choosing banana sushi to serve up for dessert. 

You’ll simply coat your bananas in dark chocolate, sprinkle over crushed nuts, then leave to set before slicing into bitesized chunks. 

Of course, there are plenty of different variations of this recipe that you can try if you’re in the mood for getting creative. Some home cooks like to smother their bananas in peanut butter or nutella before wrapping with a tortilla wrap. 

I personally prefer the simple option of bananas coated in luxurious dark chocolate, sprinkled with pistachios, but you can choose your ingredients based on what you know your loved ones will enjoy the most. 

banana sushi

7. Coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream is such a great choice when you’re deciding what dessert goes with sushi. 

It’s refreshing, light, creamy, and a fantastic palate cleanser after your main course. 

This coconut ice cream recipe is my all-time favourite, and I love making a batch of it for dinner parties when I want something that’s sophisticated yet fuss free. It’s vegan friendly and has no dairy, so it’s suitable for various different dietary requirements without compromising on flavour. 

You’ll need just 4 ingredients – coconut milk, vanilla extract, sweetener, and a pinch of salt. You won’t need an ice cream maker, so there really is no excuse to not have a go at making your own! 

coconut ice cream

8. Japanese butter cookies

Authentic Japanese butter cookies are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, and they’re a great make ahead choice for what dessert goes with sushi. 

They’re also really fun to make with kids. Use different shaped cutters if you like! 

They’re super easy if you have a food processor, though you can also make them by hand if you prefer. 

butter cookies

9. Japanese coffee jelly

Coffee jelly has been a popular dessert in Japan since the 1960s, thanks to British and American influence and the rise of jelly based treats. These days, it can be found in lots of different convenience stores and restaurants.

It’s quick and easy and fun, yet elegant enough to be suitable for a dinner party. Serve in a stemmed glass if you want to make things a little bit special, and add a generous dollop of whipped cream for extra indulgence. 

coffee jelly

10. Purin (Japanese custard pudding) 

Purin is Japanese cuisine’s answer to the typically French creme brûlée, and it’s topped with a sweet and moreish caramel sauce. 

Best of all, you won’t have to dash out to try to source any tricky or unusual ingredients. You’ll need just a handful of store cupboard staples like sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. 

It’s silky, rich, smooth, and best served cold, making it a good choice to make before your guests arrive and simply pop in the fridge until everyone is ready to eat their dessert. 

creme brulee

The best desserts to serve after sushi

I love to serve a light and sweet dessert after a sushi dinner, especially if I’m cooking for friends and family! Some of my favourite choices include: 

Choose your favourite option, and discover some of these fabulous sweet treats! 

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