The 5 BEST Dairy Free Sauce Recipes for Salmon!

June 27, 2022
dairy free sauce recipes for salmon

Salmon is surely one of the most delicious and versatile ingredients that you can add to your shopping basket. 

Rich in fatty acids and protein and full of flavour, it’s delicious however you decide to cook it. Baked, fried, poached, barbecued, or smoked, it makes for a wonderful dinner that’s both satisfying and healthy. 

Adding a sauce can create a more exciting meal, but if you don’t eat dairy, it can be hard to find recipes that meet your dietary requirements. 

I’ve got you covered though! Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the very best dairy free sauce recipes for salmon. 

What are the best dairy free sauce recipes for salmon? 

Many sauce recipes have ingredients such as cream and butter, making them unsuitable for dairy free diets. With a little bit of creativity though, you can make delectable sauces that have no dairy. Some of the best dairy free sauce recipes for salmon include vegan lemon sauce, marinara tomato sauce, vegan white wine sauce with garlic and herbs, honey chilli sauce, and vegan coconut curry sauce. 

Read on to get the recipes that I recommend… 

dairy free sauce ideas for salmon

1. Vegan lemon sauce

This vegan lemon sauce calls for just 5 ingredients, and its zesty flavour complements salmon just perfectly. 

The creaminess is created by the addition of raw cashews, and all you have to do is add everything to a blender and give it a good whizz! 

I pour this sauce over salmon, and serve with simple sides of rice and lightly boiled broccoli. It creates a healthy, summery dinner that’s easy to prepare but full of vibrant flavours. 

salmon lemon sauce

2. Marinara tomato sauce

Tossing your favourite pasta shapes in a juicy tomato sauce makes a fantastic side dish for salmon. I recommend trying this vegan marinara tomato sauce

It requires a handful of basic ingredients including basil, tinned tomatoes, olive oil, and sea salt, and it takes just 20 minutes to make. 

Use the highest quality ingredients that you can find for this one. It’s one of those recipes that really benefits from using premium tinned tomatoes if you can afford them, as well as a premium olive oil. 

chunky tomato sauce

3. Vegan white wine sauce with garlic and herbs 

This white wine sauce with garlic and herbs is bright, loaded with flavour, creamy, and can easily be made to be vegan friendly. Just make sure that you substitute the parmesan cheese for nutritional yeast, which gives a beautiful nutty flavour without any dairy. 

It’s delicious served with salmon and pasta. 

Alternatively, serve with salmon, roast potatoes, and a green salad. Either way, it’s indulgent and a real treat, and it’s even suitable for an elegant dinner party when you want to impress your guests. 

salmon in white wine sauce

4. Honey chilli sauce 

If you enjoy bold Asian flavours, this honey chilli sauce is one of the very best dairy free sauce recipes for salmon! 

You’ll need honey, chillis, and lemon juice, and it’s super easy to prepare. Just remember that it’s best when it’s been allowed to chill for an hour or so in the fridge before serving. 

For a Chinese inspired meal, I pour this sauce over a pan fried salmon fillet and add sides of rice and crispy seaweed kale

sweet chilli sauce

5. Vegan coconut curry sauce 

Love Indian flavours? If so, one of the best dairy free sauce recipes for salmon that you have to try is this vegan coconut curry sauce

It’s super versatile and you can easily adjust the spice levels, making it the ideal choice for the whole family. Just add a little bit of curry paste at a time, until you get the spiciness that works best for you. 

Pour over salmon and add your favourite accompaniments. I like to add a side of naan bread with some dips like mango chutney and onion salad, as well as rice and some oven baked onion bhajis. So tasty! 

curry sauce

Selecting the best dairy free sauces for salmon

You don’t need dairy products to make your own delicious sauce to be served with salmon! 

Some of my favourite recipes include:

Have you tried any of these? And do you have any other recommendations that you’d like to add to the list? 

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