What To Serve With Bacon Sandwiches

May 29, 2021

Been tasked with serving up breakfast for a crowd? Planning a hot buffet and looking for some inspiration? Or just fancy making your favourite treat a little more exciting?

If so, you might be wondering what to serve with bacon sandwiches! 

There’s no denying that crispy rashers of bacon and thick slices of fresh white bread are a match made in culinary heaven, and many would argue that a bacon sarnie is a filling and substantial meal in its own right. 

Sometimes though, the occasion can call for a little bit extra. 

Let’s take a look at some of your options… 

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1. Fried egg

A fried egg is such a good accompaniment for a bacon sandwich, and a runny yolk will provide a delicious sauce and keep things from being a little too dry. 

To make the perfect fried egg, heat a nonstick pan over a medium heat and melt a little butter (or olive oil, if you prefer). 

Crack in the egg, cover with a lid, and cook for around 3 minutes or until the white has set. Make sure you season with some freshly ground black pepper. 

fried egg

2. Lettuce and tomato 

A BLT sandwich is a popular choice, and turns a bog standard bacon sandwich into something fresher, more filling, and more colourful. 

Iceberg lettuce is a great choice here thanks to its pleasing crunch, and you should choose the best quality tomatoes that you can find. 

This is a great example of some simple, everyday ingredients coming together to create something that’s a taste sensation. 

lettuce and tomato

3. Avocado 

The indulgent creaminess of avocado makes it a fantastic choice to pair with saltiness of bacon. 

Simply cut into thin slices, and pile inside the sandwich. 

Alternatively, you could make up a quick guacamole by gently mashing together ripe avocado, lime juice, finely chopped red onion, and fresh coriander.

If you like, add some chopped jalapeños or dried chilli flakes for an extra kick. 


4. Tomato soup

Soup and a sandwich is a classic combination, and an excellent choice on colder days when you’re looking for something a little comforting. 

Tomato soup is perfect with a bacon sandwich either for lunch or dinner. 

slimming world tomato soup

5. Cheddar cheese

Melted cheese really takes your bacon sandwich to the next level! 

To make a cheesy bacon melt, layer cheddar cheese and cooked bacon in between bread slices, and grill for around 3 minutes or until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted. 

Though cheddar works really well, you might prefer to use mozzarella or brie. You can also add  some extra garnishes such as sliced onion and tomato. 

cheese and bacon

6. Fresh fruit and yoghurt 

A bacon sandwich isn’t as filling as a breakfast like a full English, so if you have a busy day ahead, you might want to serve up something extra to ensure you have all the sustenance you need! 

Fresh fruit and yoghurt is great for adding to a breakfast buffet when you have guests visiting, as it’s healthy, light, and people can help themselves to as much or as little as they want. 

fruit and yoghurt

7. Coleslaw

A vibrant and zesty coleslaw can bring an element of freshness to so many meals, and that’s why it’s a good option when it comes to what to serve with bacon sandwiches. 

Make your own by combining finely shredded cabbage, onion, and carrot. Use mayonnaise as a dressing, or natural yoghurt if you’re watching the calories. 

Finish off by adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some fresh coriander or parsley. 


8. Brie and cranberry

Bacon, brie, and cranberry is a classic combination, and it lends itself really well to being served as a panini. 

The saltiness of the bacon, the creaminess of the brie, and the sweet tartness of the cranberry sauce all come together to create a real taste sensation. 

If you’d prefer, you can make a brie and cranberry salad with some rocket leaves, and serve it on the side instead of in the sandwich. 

brie and cranberry


9. Freshly brewed tea 

A cup of tea and a bacon sandwich is so quintessentially British, and it’s a duo that can be enjoyed everywhere from in front of your TV on a lazy Saturday morning, to in the breakfast room at a luxury hotel. 

If you want to make things a little bit special, brew your own tea in a fine china teapot, and put a milk jug and sugar cubes on the table. 


10. Tomato ketchup & brown sauce 

It’s always a good idea to offer a choice of tomato ketchup and brown sauce when you’re serving bacon sandwiches. 

You can make your own, of course, but sometimes it’s more hassle than it’s worth! You’ve likely already got exactly what you need in your fridge. 

brown sauce

11. Hash browns

Deep fried patties of finely shredded potato and onion – or hash browns as they’re commonly known – are a good choice for what to serve with bacon sandwiches. 

This homemade hash browns recipe is super simple to make, and only requires a handful of ingredients. 

You can serve your hash browns inside the sandwiches, or as an optional side dish. 

sw hash browns

What’s your favourite option for what to serve with bacon sandwiches? 

Which of these choices is your favourite for serving with a bacon sarnie? 

If you’ve got any extra ideas that haven’t been covered here, do leave a comment and let us know. I love hearing about your kitchen adventures and how you make your meals extra special! 

Before you go, why not pin the image below to your Pinterest board? That way, you’ll be able to find it easily if you want to return to it in the future! 

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