What To Serve With Cornish Pasties: 10 Tasty Sides

April 4, 2021
what to serve with cornish pasties
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Trying to work out what to serve with cornish pasties? You’ve come to the right place for ideas for side dishes and accompaniments to transform one of Britain’s favourite snacks into a hearty and satisfying meal that can be served for lunch or dinner! 

An authentic cornish pasty is a turnover shaped bake, stuffed with beef and vegetables and encased in shortcrust or rough puff pastry. 

Everyone who loves a pasty will have their own favourite version of the recipe, and in many cases, they’ve been passed down through family generations. 

Interestingly, any product that’s sold using the Cornish name must hail from Tamar in Cornwall

There are plenty of disagreements that can be had about this traditional foodstuff – from the exact ratio of meat and vegetables that should be used, to how it should be served. 

Many would argue that the cornish pasty is a wholesome meal in its own right, and they’d have a good point. But there are plenty of side dish options when it comes to what to serve with cornish pasties. 

Let’s have a look at some ideas that you might want to try… 

1. Mashed potato 

Cornish pasties rank highly in the comfort food stakes, so what better serving suggestion than a portion of creamy mashed potatoes? 

A starchy potato works really well for mash, and you simply need to add a little butter or cream, and a sprinkling of chives. 

mashed potato with cornish pasty

2. Mushy peas 

Mushy peas are actually marrowfat peas. 

In the most traditional version of the recipe, they’re soaked overnight in water and baking soda, then rinsed, boiled, and simmered until they’re softened and mushy. 

They’re full of goodness, and they also happen to be totally delicious.

Serve with your cornish pasty and a good quality malt vinegar. 

mushy peas

3. Baked beans

Did you know that when you buy canned baked beans, they’re usually not baked at all? More often than not, they’ve instead been steamed and stewed in their tomato sauce. 

Regardless of the finer details though, baked beans make a quick and easy side dish for a cornish pasty. 

Though you can make your own, it’s often not worth the extra effort. Pick up a tin of Heinz from the supermarket, and you’ve got a hearty side in a matter of minutes. 

side dish for cornish pasties

4. Pickled red cabbage 

The satisfying crunchy sweetness of pickled red cabbage makes it a wonderfully light side dish for your pasty. 

This red cabbage recipe is simple and straightforward, and making a batch will give you some tasty gifts to share with friends. 

pickled red cabbage

5. Carrots and petit pois 

Cornish pasties can be a little on the heavy side, so a serving of freshly steamed veggies is often more than enough to create a full meal. 

Baby peas and carrots bring a visually appealing splash of colour to your plate, and it’s a good way to ensure your family are getting some vitamins and minerals. 

carrots and peas

6. Gravy 

Cornish pasties typically don’t contain a great deal of liquid, so if you like your meal a little on the saucy side, you might want to consider making a jug of gravy. 

Some traditionalists would say that a pasty should be self-saucing, and that gravy would be nothing more than an insult, and not a great pairing whatsoever. 

Still though, if you’re a fan of pie and gravy, you’ll no doubt find this choice highly appealing. At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal taste and experimenting to find what you enjoy!

7. Side salad 

If you’re planning a picnic, or a lunch you can take into work with you, a side salad should be at the top of your list. 

It pairs with cornish pasties particularly well during the warmer summer months. 

leafy green salad

8. Fries 

Fries, chips, wedges… However you want to slice them, a serving of piping hot chipped potatoes is never a bad idea! 

My homemade chips recipe can be made using an air fryer or an oven, and they’re crispy and golden on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. 

potato fries

9. Potato salad 

Potato salad is another tasty option for what to serve with cornish pasties, again particularly if you’re planning a buffet, a picnic, or a family gathering where everyone can just help themselves to what they want. 

I typically use small new potatoes, and add chopped red and spring onions, gherkins, dijon mustard, and mayonnaise. 

potato salad

10. Your favourite sauce or chutney

Tomato sauce, brown sauce, piccalilli, mustard, or a good chutney pairs well with a cornish pasty without making a meal that’s too filling. 

condiments for cornish pasty

How to eat a cornish pasty

Many pasty lovers believe they’re best eaten fresh from the oven, left to cool for 5-10 minutes so they’re still pleasingly warm but not piping hot. 

If you have leftovers that you need to reheat, use the oven instead of a microwave. You don’t want your pastry to go soggy! 

Pasty legend states that miners used to hold the ‘crimp’ on the casing whilst they enjoyed their snack, to make sure their dirty hands didn’t become a hassle at mealtimes. Some people like to observe this tradition, though using a knife and fork is just as acceptable! 

Save these ideas for what to serve with cornish pasties for later

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Just pin the image below to your foodie Pinterest board! 

Do you have any extra suggestions for what to serve with cornish pasties? Leave a comment and share your ideas with other readers. 

what to serve with cornish pasties pin

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