The Best Slimming World Sandwich Fillings

April 4, 2021
sw sandwich fillings
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I could happily live on sandwiches. Sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be a situation that I’d be entirely satisfied with. 

But when you’re trying to lose a few pounds, you might think that they have to be off the menu for a little while. Bread is typically high in calories and carbs, and a slathering of butter is rarely going to complement your fat loss goals. 

The beauty of Slimming World though is that nothing is off the menu, and you can happily enjoy a sandwich for lunch every day whilst staying on plan. 

Your Healthy Extra B allowance allows you to choose from a range of bread, rolls, and wraps, and the possibility for low Syn and Syn free fillers is practically endless. 

Let’s take a look at the Slimming World sandwich fillings that might take your fancy… 

Syn free sandwich fillings

Slimming World sandwich fillings using Healthy Extra A

Low Syn sandwich fillings 

Extra tips and advice for enjoying your Slimming World sandwiches 

Of course, the ideas here are designed to spark some inspiration, and you should always check your weights and portion sizes to make sure you’re not accidentally going off plan. 

A portion of Healthy Extra A cheese, for example, might be smaller than you first imagine! Still though, it’s very impossible to enjoy a sandwich that’s satisfying within your allowances. 

Do remember that a third of your meal should ideally consist of speedy vegetables, so a side serving of salad is always a good idea. You can also choose from Slimming World friendly snacks to keep you going until dinnertime! 

Which of these Slimming World sandwich fillings is your favourite? Leave a comment and share your ideas! 

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