What To Serve With Kedgeree: 6 BEST Sides!

May 27, 2022
what to serve with kedgeree

If you’re on the hunt for ideas for what to serve with kedgeree, look no further than this handy roundup of recipes and side dishes that work so well with the traditional rice and smoked fish meal. 

Kedgeree can be eaten hot or cold, is made in just one pan, and though it’s a popular breakfast choice, particularly in the UK, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Why not try it for supper one night this week? 

It’s one of those simple but wholesome dishes that is likely to make its way on to your meal plans time and time again. 

Just pick a few of these options for what to serve with kedgeree and you’re good to go… 

the best sides to serve with kedgeree

1. Sourdough toast with salted butter 

Sourdough bread has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the past few years. With many of us spending more time at home in the kitchen, we’ve honed our bread making skills and gone a little crazy for the naturally leavened bread. 

It doesn’t require commercial yeast to make, so you can start things off at home with just a little time and a handful of ingredients. 

Sourdough has a sharp and tangy taste, that lends itself so well to being toasted and spread with salted butter as an accompaniment to your spicy and slightly salty kedgeree. 

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, check out this guide to making sourdough bread. You’ll need 8 days to create the starter, but otherwise it’s a fairly hands off process that just requires some patience. 

sourdough bread

2. Fresh fruit salad 

A fresh fruit salad brings some sunny vibrance to the table when you’re considering what to serve with kedgeree, and it lightens what can otherwise be a really rich and deeply savoury dish.

I like a good kedgeree served on a rainy evening in the darkest depths of winter, when the perky spices and hint of luxury from the fish and the butter makes the meal seem like a lovely and very welcome treat. 

In this kind of instance, a fruity salad is the ideal way to round things off. If you like, add a swirl of double cream for a little comfort factor. 

fruit salad

3. Minted peas 

A side dish of minted peas is a lovely light pairing for kedgeree. 

Simply boil your peas until just cooked, and gently mash through a large knob of salted butter, freshly chopped mint, and some seasoning. 

This side is particularly good if you can find pea pods and shell them yourself at home. They’ll be extra sweet, green, and delicious! 

If you enjoy a spicy kick, try this Nando’s style peas recipe. I like to use a whole red chilli pepper, and I leave the seeds in for extra heat! 

minted peas

4. Bombay potatoes

Bombay potatoes are a hugely popular side dish for Indian food, and they’re just the thing for what to serve with kedgeree if you’re aiming for a hearty and satisfying meal. 

Some people might think that a double portion of carbohydrates is a little over the top, but I think you can’t beat it if you’re looking for a little comfort on a cold evening! 

When selecting your potatoes at the supermarket, go for a floury variety such as King Edward. They’ll cook quickly, soak up any excess moisture, and hold their shape well. 

slimming world bombay potatoes

5. Tomato and cucumber relish 

Tomato and cucumber relish is often known as kachumber, and it’s the perfect cooling side for spicy Indian inspired dishes. 

Though you can serve it on the side of the bowl with your kedgeree, I often prefer to serve it as a starter alongside some crunchy popadoms. 

It’s one of those dishes that you can play around with until you find the version that you love the most. Try adding fresh mint, coriander, radishes, or even natural yoghurt to make a raita style dip.

So quick, but so tasty! 

tomato cucumber

6. Cava

Okay, so a glass of cava might not be typically considered to be a side dish, but trust me when I say that it’ll work oh so well with your kedgeree! 

The acidity and fizz will revive your palate in between mouthfuls of spicy, smoky rice and the crisp finish is exactly what this kind of meal needs. 

Sparkling water would be a good alternative here if you’re trying to avoid booze. 


Hopefully these side dishes will encourage you to think a little outside of the box when it comes to serving up and enjoying kedgeree. 

It doesn’t have to be a meal that can only be enjoyed at breakfast time, and with a little imagination and flair, it can delicious any night of the week! 

what to serve with kedgeree pin

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