What To Serve With Moussaka: 12 Greek Sides

November 1, 2021
what to serve with moussaka

Need ideas for what to serve with moussaka? I’ve got you covered! This traditional Greek bake is packed full of Mediterranean flavours and makes for a wonderful family meal at any time of the year. 

The right choice of side dishes and accompaniments can turn it into something really special, and whether you’re looking for something quick and easy, or you’re prepared to spend a little more time in the kitchen, there’s an option that will suit your needs perfectly. 

Let’s dive into what to serve with moussaka… 

what to serve with moussaka pin

1. Crusty bread and butter 

Sometimes, the simplest choices really are the best! 

A side serving of crusty bread and butter works really well with moussaka, and it has the added benefit of being mega easy to prepare. You can make your own so you can enjoy it hot and fresh out of the oven, or save some time by buying a baguette from the supermarket. 

Your dinner guests will really enjoy mopping up those fragrant, tomato infused juices with a chunk of fresh bread. 

bread and butter

2. Cucumber salad 

Moussaka is a rich and filling meal, so you might want to choose something light to serve it with. 

A simple cucumber salad is a great option here, and will bring plenty in the way of freshness and texture. 

I like to slice a cucumber into ribbons (you can use a vegetable peeler to make quick work of this!), pickle for a short period in some white wine vinegar, and add some chopped red chilli and sesame seeds. 

cucumber salad

3. Lemon roasted potatoes 

Everyone loves a serving of roast potatoes, so this side dish is guaranteed to be a big success around the dunner table! 

This recipe for lemon roasted potatoes uses plenty of flavoursome lemon and fresh herbs, and it can be ready from scratch in less than an hour. 

Choosing the right kind of potatoes is important here, and it will ensure that you can create those lovely crispy bits that everyone loves so much. Yukon gold are a good choice, though you can go with any floury variety, such as Maris Piper which tend to be readily available. 

garlic roast potatoes

4. Spanakorizo 

Spanakorizo is a traditional Greek side dish that’s made with rice and spinach. It’s a wonderful way to get some extra veggies into your meal, and the addition of lemon brings vibrancy and freshness. 

Choosing the right rice is really important here. You’ll want to avoid brown or wholegrain varieties, as these will typically take longer to cook and will often result in you overcooking the other ingredients. You should also avoid using a short grain variety, as this could make your dish a little too sticky. 

greek spinach rice

5. Mixed leaf salad

When it comes to what to serve with moussaka, a mixed leaf salad is a quick and easy but a really popular choice! 

You can make your own combination based on whatever you have available and what might be in season in your area, though some good choices include watercress, rocket, and spinach. Make your own dressing using equal quantities of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, if you like. 

leafy green salad

6. Crispy fried courgette fritters 

If you struggle to get your family to eat their 5 a day, it might be a good idea to shake things up a little by trying out some new veggie based recipes. 

One of my personal favourites here is crispy fried courgette fritters! The secret ingredient is the beer in the batter, which creates a beautifully light and crisp batter. 

Courgette can naturally hold a lot of moisture, so to avoid your fritters becoming soggy, let your courgette sit in some salt for half an hour to an hour before you start making your recipe, to draw out any excess liquid. 

tempura vegetables

7. Greek tomato fritters 

Greek tomato fritters are a delightful side dish for any meal that originally comes from Santorini. You can choose the combination of herbs that you use based on personal preference, though basil and oregano work really well. 

For this particular recipe, it’s definitely worth going to the extra effort of using fresh herbs if you can. If they’re from your own garden, then that’s even better! 

greek tomato fritters

8. Wilted spinach with garlic 

Spinach is used in many different Greek recipes, and its credentials as a superfood are pretty impressive. It’s full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including vitamin K, magnesium, and calcium. 

Wilted spinach with garlic requires just three staple ingredients, and can be ready in less than 10 minutes. 

Don’t be tempted to chop the garlic in advance. Using whole cloves which are then crushed ensures that you’re bringing plenty of flavour to the party! 

spinach with garlic

9. Greek green beans

Greek green beans are also sometimes known as fasolakia, and lovers of Greek cuisine will know that though they only require a handful of modest ingredients, they’re totally delicious – especially when you also serve a glass of chilled white wine! 

If you have any leftovers, then serve them the next day with a chunk of bread and some feta cheese. It makes for one of those simple lunches that offers so much in terms of flavour and satisfaction. 

roasted green beans

10. Greek chickpea fritters 

Greek chickpea fritters could be considered as Greek falafel!

They’re crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and flavoured with a delicious blend of spices including oregano, garlic, and parsley. 

These are a good choice for what to serve with moussaka when you’re in the mood for trying something new, but you want to ensure that you’re keeping things authentically Greek. Alternatively, these can be served as a starter before your main course. Do whatever is most convenient for you and your family! 

chickpea fritters

11. Fried feta with honey 

Fried feta with honey is one of my all time favourite side dishes and starters! 

The salty block of feta is fried in a panko crumb, and then served with a runny honey alongside fried lemon zest and juicy fresh cherry tomatoes. 

It takes around ten minutes to prepare and it’s one of the simplest recipes you’ll ever prepare, but it offers plenty in the way of the wow factor. It’ll certainly be a talking point if you make it for an upcoming dinner party and you really want to impress! 

fried feta with honey

12. Baked Greek fries 

If you love informal street food, you need to try baked Greek fries as a side dish for moussaka! 

Baking the potatoes in the oven instead of frying them makes the recipe healthier, and it also helps to ensure that it doesn’t turn greasy. Feta cheese, red onions, juicy tomatoes, and fresh herbs finish things off and helps to add more of that beautiful authentic Greek flavour. 

The feta adds plenty of saltiness, so don’t be tempted to add any extra seasoning before you taste the dish! 

greek fries

A combination of any of these Greek inspired side dishes would work so well with a moussaka. Which will you be making first? 

Leave a comment and let us know! 

the best side dishes for moussaka

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