What To Serve With Sweet And Sour Chicken

August 29, 2021
what to serve with sweet and sour chicken

Do you need a little inspiration for what to serve with sweet and sour chicken? 

If so, we’ve got you covered! 

This popular Chinese dish, stuffed with vibrant and nutritious veggies, is something that so many families choose to eat on a regular basis, whether it be when cooking from scratch in their own kitchens or having a night off and placing an order at the local takeaway. 

Your side dishes are so important, and they can make your meal into a real banquet, or at least a satisfying feast for everyone at the table. 

Let’s have a look through a variety of ideas for what to serve with sweet and sour chicken… 

side dishes for sweet and sour chicken

1. Boiled rice 

You don’t always have to invest a load of time into making elaborate side dishes for your meals.

Sometimes, keeping things simple and straightforward is the best idea, and a quick and easy serving of boiled rice can be a tasty choice! 

Cooking rice can be a bit of a minefield sometimes though, and you’ve probably got questions like whether you should rinse it before cooking, and should you stir it during the process. 

I follow this guide to perfectly cooked rice, and it produces fantastic results every time! 


2. Crispy ‘seaweed’ kale

Crispy seaweed is often served up in Chinese restaurants, but it can be a little tricky to make at home.

The main issue you’re likely to come across is that unless you have an oriental supermarket nearby, you may not be able to find all the ingredients you need. 

Don’t worry though, because there’s a solution! 

I regularly make a batch of this crispy ‘seaweed’ kale recipe, and it’s one of the easiest side dishes for sweet and sour chicken that you’ll come across. 

Just make sure you keep a close eye on it when it’s in the oven, as it can easily burn if you’re not careful! 

slimming world crispy kale seaweed

3. Chinese potato salad

If you’ve never tried Chinese potato salad before, you’re in for a real treat!

It’s a little less common than accompaniments like rice and noodles, but it’s just as delicious. 

This recipe is my favourite, as it takes just half an hour to prepare and make, and it packs a load of bold flavours including ginger, chilli, and onion. 

Make a batch and save some leftovers for lunch the next day. It’s perfect served with some simply grilled chicken or fish, and it’s even better once the flavours have developed a little overnight. 

chinese potato salad

4. Veggie tossed noodles

You can’t go wrong with noodles when it comes to what to serve with sweet and sour chicken. 

To get in even more nutrients, chop up whatever veggies you have leftover in the fridge, then stir fry them with some garlic and chilli before tossing amongst your noodles. 

You can use carrot, pepper, spring onions, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms, and beansprouts… Anything goes here, and a variety creates a satisfying crunch! 

egg noodles

5. General Tso’s cauliflower

If you regularly eat Chinese food, you’ve probably heard of General Tso’s sweet and spicy sauce before. 

It’s made from pantry staples including hoisin, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar, and it’s really easy to prepare.

It’s typically served with chicken, but it’s just as good over cauliflower for an interesting side dish. 

general tso cauliflower

6. Egg fried rice 

Egg fried rice works so well when served with sweet and sour chicken! 

I make mine by cooking rice, and putting to one side whilst heating a little vegetable oil over a hot pan. I then chuck in the rice, a couple of eggs, and a good few dashes of soy sauce. 

This is another side dish that allows you to add any leftover veggies if you like. If you’re really hungry or just want to make various different options available so everyone can help themselves, you might want to add some prawns too. 

Scatter over some spring onions, sliced into diagonals to create a pleasing presentation for your dinner guests! 


7. Stir fried broccoli and garlic 

It’s always a good idea to have a green vegetable based side dish, to ensure you’re serving up plenty of goodness. 

Keep things simple by stir frying some tender stem broccoli with freshly chopped garlic, and if you like some extra heat, some freshly chopped red chilli. 

tenderstem broccoli

8. Prawn crackers 

Prawn crackers are perhaps more often served as an appetiser before a Chinese meal, but I personally like to serve them alongside the main course. 

They’re absolutely delicious when used to scoop up that silky sweet and sour sauce! 

You’re probably most accustomed to just buying a bag at the supermarket, but did you realise that you can actually make your own at home? 

This fried prawn crackers recipe takes just half an hour, and it means that you can serve them fresh and piping hot. Why not give them a try? 

prawn crackers

9. Prawn wontons 

Wontons are a type of Chinese dumpling, and they typically come either deep fried or steamed. 

As they’re small and easy to pick up, they’re perfect as an option for what to serve with sweet and sour chicken, particularly if it’s part of a meal with lots of different sides to choose from. 

They’re tasty when dipped into sweet and sour sauce, and again you can buy a readymade version to cook at home, or prepare your own from scratch. 

I think prawn wontons work best with a chicken main course, though you can also choose from pork and vegetable fillings if you prefer. 


10. Cucumber salad

A Chinese inspired meal can often be really filling, especially if you’re choosing carb heavy side dishes like rice and noodles. 

If you want to keep things a little lighter and fresher, or you’re cooking for those with smaller appetites, then a cucumber salad is a sophisticated choice. 

Use a peeler to slice your cucumber into ribbons, and dress with rice vinegar and a little soy sauce. Finish off by garnishing with chopped chilli and some sesame seeds. 

It’s a good idea to prep this dish around an hour in advance, so the vinegar can lightly pickle your cucumber strips. 

cucumber salad

11. Crispy sesame tofu

If you’re making sweet and sour chicken then it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re a meat eater!

Don’t shy away though from trying tofu though as a side dish, as you might be pleasantly surprised by just how tasty it can be. It’s a flavour absorber, so it works well when paired with punchy marinades and sauces. 

Fancy giving it a try? I highly recommend this crispy sesame tofu recipe. Served with fluffy rice and broccoli it can make a dinner in its own right, though it always makes a great side for sweet and sour too. 

chinese tofu

12. Scallion pancakes

Sometimes known as ‘cong you bing’, scallion pancakes are a popular accompaniment for Chinese cuisine and are unleavened flatbreads made in a hot pan. 

They tend to have crispy edges and a fluffier centre, making them super satisfying and just the thing for mopping up any leftover sauces on your plate. 

If you prefer, you can serve these as a starter for your sweet and sour chicken, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Just make sure you don’t put too many on the table, as they’re surprisingly filling! 

chinese pancakes

13. Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies are so much fun, and will entertain adults and children alike! 

They make a great talking point during your dinner, and you’re likely to pick up a box at an Asian supermarket. 

What do you choose for what to serve with sweet and sour chicken? 

As you can see from the options that we’ve explored here, you have plenty of choice when it comes to your side dishes and accompaniments. 

If you have a favourite, or an idea that hasn’t been included here, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. It’s always inspiring to find out what other people are cooking up in the kitchen! 

Planning to make sweet and sour chicken soon?

Pin the below image to your Pinterest board, so you can easily return to these ideas. 

fortune cookies

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