What To Serve With Tandoori Salmon: 10 BEST Sides!

September 15, 2022
what to serve with tandoori salmon

If you love healthy food that’s full of big and bold flavours, tandoori salmon is a great choice for a quick and easy midweek dinner. 

To present an impressive plate though, you’ll need to give some thought to the side dishes and accompaniments that you’ll make.

Here, we’re going to consider what to serve with tandoori salmon – from fuss free options that require hardly any time at all, to sophisticated and elegant dishes that would be suitable for a dinner party. 

What to serve with tandoori salmon 

The best side dishes for tandoori salmon include lemon rice, Bombay potatoes, cucumber salad, naan bread and raita, spinach stir fry, lentil dhal, pan fried broccoli, samosas, Indian spiced king prawns, and onion bhajis. 

Best of all, you can make all of these accompaniments in your own kitchen! Read on to discover tried and tested recipes and more ideas for turning your tandoori salmon into a meal that your whole family will love. 

1. Lemon rice

Everyone knows that lemon perfectly complements salmon, and adds a beautiful element of brightness to your piece of fish. So why not make lemon rice as a side dish? It’s vibrant, zesty, and totally delicious. 

You’ll need just a small handful of basic ingredients, and the result is so much more exciting than your average white rice! I like to add some fresh coriander on top of the rice before serving alongside tandoori salmon. 

lemon pilau rice

2. Bombay potatoes 

A potato based side dish is always a good idea, and you can get your spud fix whilst still honouring an Indian theme by making these Bombay potatoes

You’ll cube, parboil, and then fry your potatoes, then season with a variety of spices for maximum flavour. They’re easy to make, and they’re so much better than readymade varieties that you might find in the supermarket.

Making Bombay potatoes is a great skill to acquire, as it’ll really liven up your curry nights and help you to avoid ordering another takeaway! 

slimming world bombay potatoes

3. Cucumber salad 

A light and refreshing cucumber salad perfectly complements slightly spicy tandoori salmon, and best of all, it couldn’t be any easier to prepare.

Finely slice your cucumbers (using a peeler is a good idea here), chop up some red onion, add a decent dash of white wine vinegar, and allow your salad to slightly pickle for around 10 minutes. 

cucumber salad

4. Naan bread and raita 

For a quick and easy meal that’s ideal for lunch or dinner, make naan bread wraps with your tandoori salmon and add a dollop of cooling raita. This meal gives serious street food vibes, and you can encourage everyone to dig in and create their own wraps, so they get a bit of what they fancy. 

Making your own naan breads is super fun, and it really does create the best results. You’ll get soft, moreish, pillowy breads that can be served piping hot straight from the oven! 

tandoori naans

5. Spinach stir fry 

When spinach is cooked quickly and is perfectly seasoned, it makes for a delicious side dish for tandoori salmon that will even be a hit with your loved ones who typically turn their noses up at green veggies! 

This Chinese style spinach stir fry takes just ten minutes, and the combination of ingredients including garlic, sugar, and sesame oil creates a slightly sweet, slightly savoury taste.

If you have any leftovers, they can be enjoyed the next day with noodles or added to an omelette with any other veggies that you might have in the fridge. 

spinach stir fry

6. Lentil dhal 

Dhal is a rich and satisfying lentil stew, and it’s so comforting when served during the colder months alongside tandoori salmon and freshly baked naan breads. It’s healthy, easy to prepare, and it can be customised depending on your own tastes. 

For example, you could use chickpeas instead of lentils, you could add lots of extra veggies, or if you’re a big spice lover, you could add fresh chillis or garnish with dried red chilli flakes. 

I like to use this lentil dhal recipe as a general guideline, and the results are always outstanding! You can keep any leftovers in the fridge for a few days, and they make for a fantastic quick and easy lunch. 

lentil dhal

7. Pan fried broccoli with chilli, garlic, and lemon 

If you want a low calorie side dish option for tandoori salmon, or you just want to get an extra serving of veggies for the day, a portion of pan fried broccoli with chilli, garlic, and lemon is a wonderful idea. 

Simply wok-fry your greens with plenty of chopped garlic and finely sliced red chillis, and once cooked through, serve up with a wedge of lemon for squeezing. 


8. Samosas 

Sometimes, it’s fun to serve a selection of buffet style finger foods as side dishes for your main course, particularly if you’re having friends over to eat and you want to offer a variety of different dishes for everyone to try. 

If you’re interested to take this route, I suggest making a batch of samosas. Filling ideas include chicken, minced lamb, and shredded beef. Alternatively, keep things veggie by stuffing the pasties with potato, peas, and sweetcorn. Whichever option you go for, they’re a great choice for what to serve with tandoori salmon. 


9. Indian spiced king prawns

If you love tandoori salmon, then it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re a seafood lover! Carry on the theme by serving with some juicy, decadent Indian spiced king prawns.

They’ll require a couple of hours for marinading, but they’re very hands-off and will only take up around 10 minutes of active time in the kitchen. 

Add some side salad to the plate and maybe a portion of naan or rice, if you’re feeling super hungry, and you’ve got a sophisticated dinner that’s easy to prepare and will definitely wow any guests you might have. 

indian prawns

10. Onion bhajis 

Onion bhajis are a classic Indian accompaniment, and they’re one of the most popular items on the menu in curry houses and takeaways right around the world.

You might think that they could be a little messy to make at home, but my oven baked naan recipe offers all the flavour, but less mess and less greasiness! 

syn free onion bhajis slimming world

Side dishes for tandoori salmon 

When it comes to what to serve with tandoori salmon, the best options are:


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