What To Serve With Teriyaki Beef: 8 Sides You Need To Try!

August 16, 2022
what to serve with teriyaki beef

Teriyaki beef is a fantastic family meal that’s full of exciting Japanese flavour. Take tender slices of beef, tons of nutritious veggies, and stir fry in a tasty sauce made with soy, mirin, garlic, and ginger, and you’ve got a nutritious dinner that’s likely to become a regular addition to your meal plan. 

You’ll likely want to add a side dish or two though, and if you’re looking for some inspiration for what to serve with teriyaki beef, you’re in the right place.

What to serve with teriyaki beef 

In a hurry and just need to grab a few ideas? Some of the best side dishes for teriyaki beef are Japanese rice, stir fried noodles, greens, French fries, crispy seaweed kale, chicken wings, steamed pork buns, and carrot salad with sesame dressing. 

To find out more about these pairings and to discover the best tried and tested recipes, keep reading… 

1. Gohan (Japanese rice) 

If you want to ensure that you’re creating an authentic vibe for your meal, ditch your usual rice and take the time to make some gohan. It’s made using sushi rice, and it’s much stickier than its Western counterparts, and perfect for soaking up that delicious teriyaki sauce. 

The secret to really good Japanese style rice – aside from the ingredients that you use – is the rinsing and soaking process. You’ll want to rinse your rice around 5 or 6 times, until the water runs clear. Don’t skip this step, because it makes a big difference to the end result. 

Japanese rice bowl

2. Yakisoba (Japanese stir fried noodles) 

Most of us have a favourite preference when it comes to the debate around rice or noodles. If you’re firmly in the noodle camp, try your hand at making yakisoba

This is a classic noodle dish that’s seasoned with a rich and savoury sauce, and it’s a great way to get some extra veggies in your meal. If you’re creating a spread for guests or you’re hosting a dinner party then you might want to add some extra protein, such as pork, chicken, prawns, or calamari. 

If you’re simply making a midweek family meal though and you’re happy for your beef teriyaki to be the main event and the star of the show, keep it veggie or add some extra texture in the form of a handful of your favourite mushrooms. 

yakisoba noodles

3. Goma-ae (Japanese greens) 

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new and exciting ways to make sure that your family are eating plenty of greens!

The good news is that goma-ae is a Japanese veggie side dish that’s absolutely delicious, and the ideal side dish for teriyaki beef. 

You’ll toss spinach and crunchy green beans in a dressing made with soy, miso, mirin, and sesame seeds, and you’ll have the whole thing done and dusted in less than 15 minutes. 

japanese greens

4. French fries 

If you strictly only want traditional Japanese side dishes on the menu for what to serve with teriyaki beef, you’ll want to look away right now!

French fries are definitely not an authentic choice here, and it’s highly unlikely that you’d see them on the menu in any good Japanese restaurants. If you’re making your dish at home though and you want an easy accompaniment, they’re a good option to have on standby. 

For busy weeknights when I don’t have much spare time after work, I like to have some frozen fries on standby and I cook them to crispy perfection in an air fryer. 

french fries

5. Crispy seaweed kale 

Crispy seaweed is one of my favourite side orders whenever I order takeaway food, but sourcing your own can be tricky, depending on where you live. A really good substitute that you might not know about is the readily available, super nutritious kale! 

Try out my crispy seaweed kale recipe and use it as an accompaniment for teriyaki beef. 

slimming world crispy kale

6. Japanese chicken wings 

If you’re cooking for a large group of people or you’re planning a Japanese inspired gathering and you want to really pull out all the stops, I recommend making a batch of these Japanese chicken wings

You need just three ingredients, and you’ll be making perfectly crispy, oven baked wings that are as healthy as they are flavoursome. 

You could serve these as a starter if you like, or just put them on a serving platter alongside your beef main and let everyone help themselves to whatever they fancy. This way, you can be sure that everyone’s tastes are being catered for, without the extra fuss of serving up different sized portions for different people. 

oven baked chicken wings

7. Steamed pork buns 

Steamed buns are popular in both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and they typically consist of yeast-leavened buns stuffed with a variety of ingredients, including protein, veggies, and various herbs and spices. 

If you’ve never tried making them yourself before, I highly recommend giving it a go. It’s a really fun kitchen skill to have, and it’s something that kids can get involved with too. It’ll also give you a ton of choices for your future meal planning, from a light starter for Asian dinner parties, to communal dinners to be shared with family on the weekend. 

I really rate this recipe for steamed pork buns. The balance of flavours is just perfect, and it’s straightforward to follow. 

steamed pork buns

8. Japanese carrot salad with sesame dressing 

Let’s round things up by looking at a light and vibrant salad that’s perfect for adding to the table whenever you’re cooking up Japanese food.

This carrot salad with sesame dressing uses Japanese mayonnaise, which is the essential ingredient that helps the flavours to shine. 

If you prefer to steer clear of food that uses MSG then you might want to substitute it for the regular mayonnaise that you usually use at home, though it’s worth noting that you’ll likely miss out on the extra edge that the ingredient brings. 

Looking for some more Japanese inspired sides? Head on over and see my guide to what to serve with teriyaki salmon

carrot salad

Side dishes for teriyaki beef

When it comes to accompaniments for teriyaki beef, I recommend trying:

Got an idea to share? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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