What To Serve With Popcorn Chicken: 10 Yummy Sides

May 24, 2022
what to serve with popcorn chicken

If you’re planning to recreate your favourite takeaway at home tonight, you might be looking for some delicious ideas for what to serve with popcorn chicken. 

There’s something that’s so addictive about those delicious, deep fried morsels of tender chicken. It’s no surprise that many of us like to try to make the KFC favourite in our own kitchens! 

But if you’re serious about making a meal that the whole family will love, you’ll need to give some thought to whipping up a few side dishes. 

From quick and simple sides that take minutes to prepare, to showstoppers that will require a little more time and dedication, let’s walk you through the 10 yummiest choices for what to serve with popcorn chicken… 

the best side dishes for popcorn chicken

1. French fries

Some might say that popcorn chicken without French fries would simply make no sense, and I’d be inclined to agree! 

Everyone loves a generous serving of red hot, crispy fries, and the best news here is that they couldn’t be any easier to make at home. Just pick up a bag of frozen fries at your local grocery store, and bake in the oven or an air fryer. 

Sometimes the tastiest dinners are also the easiest ones, so take the opportunity to put your feet up instead of slaving over a hot stove. 

french fries

2. Coleslaw

Crunchy, creamy coleslaw makes a fantastic side dish for popcorn chicken. 

Just chop up your veggies, dress with mayo and a little mustard, and you’re good to go. 

Fancy trying something a little more creative? Here are some interesting ways to shake up your coleslaw: 


3. Mac and cheese 

If we’re talking comfort food, you really can’t beat popcorn chicken served with bubbling hot mac and cheese! 

This best ever mac and cheese recipe lives up to its name. It has a beautifully creamy cheese sauce, a hint of mustard, and a satisfyingly crunchy topping created by using leftover French baguette. 

It takes just ten minutes to prep before being baked in the oven for forty minutes. That’s the ideal time to sit back and enjoy a chilled glass of your favourite tipple before dinner! 

truffle mac and cheese

4. Southern fried apples

Do you love the pairing of sweet and savoury foods? If so, you need to try Southern fried apples with your crispy chicken. 

This combination reminds me of chilly autumn days when apples are at their very best, and you’re looking for a satisfying dinner after a crisp afternoon walk. 

fried apples

5. Creamed corn 

If you’ve never tried creamed corn before, think of it like a thick, creamy, and totally delicious sweetcorn soup. 

It’s bright and vibrant, in both colour and flavour, and it’s highly likely that you already have all the ingredients that you’ll need in your pantry. 

It’s particularly good during the winter months when you want to get some veggies into your diet, but you want something more comforting than a salad. 

creamed corn

6. Baked beans 

Baked beans are so underrated! They’re budget friendly, they’re packed full of protein, and they’re so readily available that you likely already have a tin sitting in your pantry.

Pop them in the microwave, and you’ve got yourself a filling and nutritious side dish in next to no time. 

If you want to swerve artificial ingredients though, did you know that you can actually make your own? They’re just as good, if not better! This copycat Heinz baked beans recipe takes around half an hour, and you’ll be astonished at just how close they are to the real thing. 

I like to garnish with chunks of crispy bacon (because everything is better with bacon), and freshly chopped parsley. 

baked beans

7. KFC style gravy 

KFC lovers know that the gravy in that place is just something else. Thankfully, you no longer have to leave your house or even place an Uber Eats order to get your fix of the good stuff. 

This KFC gravy recipe takes just four minutes – yep, that’s right, the best gravy you’ve ever tasted, on your dinner table in less time than it takes to do, well, pretty much anything else. 

Pour it piping hot over your popcorn chicken, and be prepared for your family to request it every single night of the week. 

You’re welcome. 


8. Sweet potato mash 

You love a bit of a mashed potato with your Sunday roast chicken, right? 

So let’s get a bit creative with that whole concept and serve sweet potato mash with your popcorn chicken. 

Add a generous knob of butter to your mashed sweet spuds, or if you’re feeling especially extravagant, a big old splash of double cream. 

And you’ll want to make sure that you have a jug of that KFC gravy that we just mentioned on the table too, of course. 

mashed sweet potatoes

9. Fried tomatoes 

Fried tomatoes deserve way more credit than they get, in my humble opinion. 

Throw the reddest, ripest fruits (because they are technically a fruit, you know?) into a pan, and don’t be stingy with the olive oil, fresh garlic, and chilli pepper flakes. 

Once they’re looking all hot and delicious, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and take off the heat once just melted. 

Serve right away with that popping chicken. Even vegetable dodgers will admit that this side is out of this world. 

blistered cherry tomatoes

10. Potato salad 

I’ve waxed lyrical here on the blog many times before about the endless virtues of a potato salad. 

I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love the delightful mixture of tender potatoes and a creamy mayo dressing, and it’s also minimal hassle for you as the chef. 

Do all your prep the night before, if you like, and you just need to take it out the fridge and shove it on the table. 

If you like to make things look extra special, add a garnish of coriander and chopped red or spring onions right before everyone digs in. 

potato salad

So there we have it… 

Ten irresistible ideas for what to serve with popcorn chicken, from the ridiculously easy to the slightly more complicated (but still totally worth it!) 

Pick just one or two of these, and you’re guaranteed to have a dinner that rivals anything you could get from your local fried chicken place. 

Which will you be trying at home? 

what to serve with popcorn chicken pin

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