Meals That Go With Chips: 8 BEST Main Courses!

September 11, 2022

Chips are the favourite food of so many people, and though you might want to enjoy them almost every night of the week, you’re going to need some ideas for main courses to serve them alongside to help to keep your meals varied and interesting. 

Whether you’re a veggie or a meat eater, there are tons of tasty choices. 

The best meals that go with chips 

Can’t get enough of your chip fix? I’ve got you covered! Some of the best meals that go with chips include beef burger, steak, battered fish, gammon and eggs, pizza, steak and ale pie, cheese and onion pasties, and Chinese chicken curry. 

Let’s go into further detail now and explore the best ways to put these meals together… 

1. Beef burger 

Burger and chips is a classic combination, and one that you can find everywhere from fast food outlets to countryside gastro pubs. It’s always a hit with kids, though you can make it a little more sophisticated with a few gourmet twists, if you prefer. 

Making your own burgers is simple but rewarding, and it’s a good idea to make a large batch and freeze them ready for busy evenings. 

Make your burgers your own by customising your toppings. Lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese, relish, and avocado are all tasty choices. 

burger and chips

2. Steak 

Another classic but delectable pairing is steak with chips.

It’s one of my favourite go-to choices for a weekend meal that’s a little special but doesn’t require hours slaving over a hot stove, and it’s a winning main course for a dinner party. 

You can keep things simple and just serve your preferred cut of steak with chips, or you can add extra sides. A sauce, like peppercorn, is always a good idea, and you might want to add a side salad or grilled veggies. 

(By the way, fancy something sweet after your meal? I’ve got a handy guide to the best desserts to serve with steak). 

steak and chips

3. Battered fish 

When we’re talking about meals that go with chips, we couldn’t possibly overlook battered fish! This British classic is comfort food at its very best, and it’s proof that sometimes the simplest of meals really are the most enjoyable. 

If you want to make your own at home, I can recommend this beer battered fish recipe. You can use cod, hake, or haddock, and the batter steams the fish to ensure that it’s extra moist and delicious. 

Add tartare sauce and a portion of peas, if you like. For more ideas for accompaniments, I have a guide to what to serve with fish and chips

fish and chips

4. Gammon and eggs 

Gammon and eggs is a British teatime staple, and it’s just fantastic when served alongside a portion of chips. 

My go-to method for cooking this meat is this cola ham recipe by Nigella Lawson. It’s super easy to make, though it does require 4 hours of cooking time to create juicy, fall apart meat, so you need to be a little organised! 

Leftovers are great for sandwiches the next day, or you can shred it up and serve in a salads or jacket potatoes. 

gammon egg chips

5. Pizza 

Pizza and chips might not be traditionally Italian, but it’s a popular dinner option in the US and UK. Best of all, you can customise your toppings so everyone in the family is happy! 

If you want to make your own pizzas, try this no yeast pizza dough recipe. You don’t have to wait around for the dough to rise, as it’s just a case of combining your ingredients, shaping into flat rounds, and adding your favourite toppings. 

To make it fun for the whole family, why not let everyone make their own pizzas? If cooking for little ones, you can make smaller individual pizzas, which is always a big hit! 

pizza and chips

6. Steak and ale pie 

Another traditional choice for meals that can be served with chips is steak and ale pie. This kind of dinner is best enjoyed on a cold winter evening, with lashings of gravy and a side portion of green veggies. 

In this steak and ale pie recipe, tender chunks of steak are cooked with vegetables and ale, and wrapped in a flaky, buttery crust. 

steak pie and chips

7. Cheese and onion pasties 

If you don’t eat meat, or you just like to have a few nights a week when you eat a vegetarian meal, try out these homemade cheese and onion pasties, with a portion of chips of course. 

These are made with tortilla wraps instead of pastry, making them a lighter choice and perfect for if you’re trying to keep your calories down. 

Add a side salad, and a dollop of tomato chutney. 

slimming world cheese and onion pasties

8. Chinese chicken curry 

In my household, we tend to have a curry night once a week, and it’s always appreciated if there’s a portion of chips alongside the obligatory rice! They’re just perfect for dipping into the curry sauce, though you may prefer to pour your curry over your chips for a loaded fries kind of meal. 

This Chinese chicken curry is easy to make, and it requires mostly store cupboard ingredients like stock, spices, and soy sauce. 

Main courses to serve with chips 

If you want to serve chips for dinner but can’t decide what else to add to the plate, some of the most popular and tastiest options include:

These evening meals are all fantastic choices if you want to keep your meal plan varied and exciting, but want to serve up a portion of chips. 

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