What To Serve With Cajun Chicken

September 12, 2021
what to serve with cajun chicken

Wondering what to serve with Cajun chicken? 

A meal of spicy chicken with lots of cayenne pepper and paprika is smoky, satisfying, and can be a quick and easy midweek choice, or a more elaborate feast suitable for impressing guests at a special occasion. 

Here, we’re going to take some inspiration from Louisiana and the culinary hotspot that is New Orleans, and give you a roundup of the must-try side dishes and accompaniments that you’ll love if you enjoy sampling Cajun food. 

Let’s dive right in and take a tour of what to serve with Cajun chicken… 

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1. Pasta 

My Cajun chicken pasta recipe is something that I make at least once a month, and it’s always a huge hit. It’s creamy without being too rich, thanks to the quark soft cheese, and you can make it as hot or as mild as you like by experimenting with your seasonings. 

It’s a complete meal in its own right and you don’t really need any extra sides if you want to keep things simple, but I do like to add a homemade cheesy garlic flatbread. 

Just take a tortilla wrap, sprinkle over finely chopped garlic and grated cheese, add some sliced cherry tomatoes, and grill until toasted and melted.  

slimming world cajun chicken pasta

2. Dirty rice

Dirty rice is a go-to option for what to serve with Cajun chicken, and though it can be a main course, it also makes for a delicious and satisfying side dish. 

The secret ingredient in my Cajun dirty rice recipe is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and it gives the dish a real kick! Of course, you can use less or leave it out altogether if you prefer a much milder taste. 

Slimming World Dirty Rice

3. Roasted rainbow vegetables

Chicken and roasted vegetables is such a classic combination, and with a Cajun twist it can be an alternative Sunday lunch, a healthy meal prep lunchbox, or a wholesome and nutritious family meal. 

You can select your vegetables based on what needs using up from your pantry, or go for what’s currently in season. By heading to your local greengrocer or farm shop instead of a major supermarket, you’ll find that you can source veggies that are much more flavoursome and budget friendly. 

For example, during the autumn months, I love roasting a tray of squash, sprouts, carrots, parsnips, and pumpkin. I use a good dash of vegetable oil and some salt and pepper. 

roasted vegetables

4. Sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato works so well with Cajun cuisine, and a serving of wedges is simple but satisfying. Just cut into chucks, drizzle in oil and season, and then roast in the oven until softened and slightly crispy. 

If you’re health conscious or you just like to ensure that your family is eating a varied diet, you’ll be pleased to hear that sweet potatoes are high in fibre and calcium, and are a great way to ensure you’re getting a generous helping of essential B and C vitamins. 

During the cooler winter months, you can change over to sweet potato mash for a little variety and extra comfort. 

sweet potato wedges

5. Coriander and lime rice 

If you’re searching for super simple options for what to serve with Cajun chicken, coriander and lime rice is a lovely side dish to have in your repertoire. 

It’s bright, it’s zesty, and beyond cooking your rice, there’s just a couple of extra steps that you need to follow. I really love the optional red chilli flakes… They’re a wonderful addition if you love some extra heat! 

lime rice

6. Cajun coleslaw

Cajun coleslaw is a lovely choice as a side dish for Cajun chicken for a handful of different reasons. It can be prepared the day before, freeing up more time if you lead a busy lifestyle, it takes less than ten minutes to make, and it’s also gluten free and low carb. 

It’s safe to say that it ticks lots of boxes! 

Try this Cajun coleslaw recipe, which is one of my favourites. 

cajun coleslaw

7. Spicy hasselback potatoes 

Hasselback potatoes look so impressive at the dining table, making them a good accompaniment if you’re planning a dinner party. 

Make a spicy seasoning by combining paprika, cumin, salt, and cayenne pepper, and sprinkle this over the potatoes for the final fifteen minutes of cooking. 

Add slices of crispy bacon to your potatoes if you want to make them extra special! 

hasselback potatoes

8. Smoky black eyed peas

Did you know that black eyed peas symbolise good fortune? 

These smoky black eyed peas need some forward planning as you’ll need to soak the beans overnight for the best flavour, but they’re definitely worth it. 

smoky black eyed peas

9. Fried okra

Okra is a vegetable that’s widely used in Southern, Creole, and Cajun cuisine, and it’s also sometimes known as ladies’ fingers. 

It can be eaten raw, pickled, boiled, roasted, sliced, or even stuffed with a variety of different fillings. When it comes to what to serve with Cajun chicken, fried okra is my favourite option. 

fried okra

10. Cajun potato salad 

Cajun potato salad is typically made using potatoes, hard boiled eggs, dill pickle relish, yellow mustard, and plenty of seasoning. 

Thanks to the variety of ingredients and its beautiful and complex flavours, it’s more than sufficient when served as a side dish with some simply grilled Cajun chicken. You don’t always have to spend a long time preparing multiple different side dishes, and sometimes it makes sense to choose a couple of shortcuts! 

spicy potato salad

11. Cajun mashed potatoes

Mashed potato is my favourite side dish. Whatever you happen to be serving it with, it makes a meal that’s filling, comforting, and perfect for those evenings when you just a welcoming plate of goodness. 

Cajun mashed potatoes include plenty of cream cheese for extra creaminess, as well as a good dash of homemade Cajun seasoning. 

mashed potatoes

12. Sweet potato cornbread

Sweet potato cornbread is a staple side dish for Cajun cooking, and it tends to be tender, almost cakey in texture, just a little bit sweet, and perfectly crumbly. 

It’s perfect when you’re searching for an option for what to serve with Cajun chicken that’s substantial and filling, but also unfussy and straightforward to prepare. 

You might want to add some salted butter to the table for spreading, but a good quality and fresh cornbread really doesn’t need it. 


What are your favourite recipes for what to serve with Cajun chicken? 

Many of have our favourite recipes that have been passed down through the family for years and years, or that we’ve recreated at home after discovering in a restaurant, and I love hearing about your kitchen secrets! 

If you have suggestions for side dishes and accompaniments for Cajun chicken, leave a comment and tell us all about them, and why you enjoy them so much. 

the best sides for cajun chicken

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