The Best Slimming World Chicken Recipes

October 17, 2020
slimming chicken recipes

Are you searching for the best Slimming World chicken recipes to add to your meal plan? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

I cook quick, healthy, and delicious chicken recipes at least a few times a week, and you’ll find many of them here at Slimming Violet. Chicken is a lean meat that’s packed full of protein and wonderfully versatile, so there are plenty of ideas that will suit even the fussiest of eaters. 

I’ve put together this roundup of my all-time favourite Slimming World chicken recipes. There are low Syn and Syn free options from all kinds of different cuisines, and the majority of them are super quick and easy to make. 

Let’s get down to it… 

Spanish Chicken Traybake

This traybake recipe couldn’t be simpler to make. It’s full of bold Mediterranean flavours and colourful speed veggies, and you’ll have hardly any washing up to do afterwards! It’s a meal in its own right that doesn’t really require any sides, though you could add a green leafy salad if you wanted to. 

Get the full recipe here

spanish chicken traybake

Salt & Pepper Chicken & Chips

This is one of the most popular Slimming Violet recipes that I’ve ever shared, and it’s no surprise! It tastes exactly like its Chinese takeaway counterpart, but is of course a much better choice when you’re trying to stay on track. Try this next time you want a fakeaway feast that impresses the whole family. They’ll never know that it’s a lighter option! 

Here’s the full recipe

slimming world salt and pepper chicken

Coronation Chicken

This creamy coronation chicken recipe is perfect when served on a jacket potato, in a sandwich, or with a salad. I like to make a batch of it at the start of the week, and keep it in the fridge so I’ve got various different options. It’s made with quark, but don’t let that put you off if you haven’t tried it before. It’s a great ingredient for making healthy, low calorie sauces! 

Click here to see the recipe

slimming world coronation chicken

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

If you want a satisfying meal that is ready and on the table with zero fuss, you need to try this recipe. I like to serve it with homemade garlic bread, which is quite similar a light tortilla wrap (the Weight Watchers ones are my favourite, and I usually pick them up in Asda), sprinkled with finely chopped garlic, cheese, and freshly sliced tomatoes. Place it under the grill until the cheese is melted. 

Find the full recipe here

slimming world cajun chicken pasta

KFC Chicken Fakeaway

Yes, you can still enjoy KFC when you’re on plan! This Slimming World chicken recipe can be made into a healthy feast with side dishes including salad, chips, corn on the cob, and potatoes. 

Get the full recipe here

KFC fakeaway

Honey Chilli Chicken 

Another fakeaway favourite, this honey chilli chicken is low in Syns but big on flavour. You can serve this one with crispy kale seaweed, egg fried rice, chips, or noodles. 

Here’s the recipe

slimming world honey chilli chicken

Chicken Kiev 

The chicken kiev is a pub classic, and this lighter version is a great choice! I like to serve mine with chips and a side salad. 

Get the full recipe here

slimming world chicken kiev

Chicken Fajita Pasta

Chicken fajita pasta is a creative twist on everyone’s favourite Mexican treat. If you want Slimming World chicken recipes that are really quick for weeknights, make sure that you try this one! 

Click here to get the full recipe

slimming world chicken fajita pasta

Chicken Supreme 

You’d never guess that this creamy chicken supreme was Syn free! It’s comfort food at its finest, and perfect when you’re in the mood for a real winter warmer. Serve with root vegetable mash, green beans, and roasted cherry tomatoes. 

You can get the recipe right here

slimming world chicken supreme recipe

Chicken Jalfrezi

If you love Indian food, I can highly recommend this chicken jalfrezi. It’s one of my favourite curries to make from home, and is worthy of a part in any fakeaway banquet that you might be planning! 

Get the recipe here

slimming world chicken jalfrezi

Chicken Satay

With a silky and satisfying peanut sauce, this chicken satay skewers recipe will make you forget about the temptation of the local takeaway! 

Get the full recipe

slimming world chicken satay

Fanta Chicken

This is another recipe that’s extremely popular here at Slimming Violet. Granted, it does sound a little bit strange if you haven’t heard of it before! I promise though that you’ll be very pleasantly surprised when you try it. It tastes like sweet and sour chicken and is delicious served with fluffy white rice. 

Get the full recipe 

slimming world fanta chicken

Chicken Kebab

You can’t beat a good chicken kebab, can you? Made with chicken thighs and roasted in the oven, this meal is beautifully flavoursome and can be served in a wide variety of ways. Just add your favourite side dishes and sauces, or put everything in the middle of the table and treat your family to a DIY kebab night! 

Click here to get the recipe

slimming world chicken kebab

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Made with an authentic style fresh homemade paste, this Thai green curry takes a little longer than some of the other Slimming World chicken recipes included in this list, but it’s worth it if you’re in the mood for something really special. This one is worthy of being served at a dinner party if you’re entertaining friends! 

Get the recipe right here

slimming world thai green curry

Katsu Chicken Curry

This is my go-to choice when visiting Wagamama, so of course I had to create a slimming friendly version to enjoy at home! It’s worth using some Syns for real panko breadcrumbs, but if you’re trying to cut down a bit further, you can make your own using your Healthy Extra allowance. 

Here’s the recipe 

slimming world katsu curry

Piri Piri Chicken Skewers

Inspired by a cheeky Nando’s, this is a quick and easy weeknight dinner with a fabulously Portuguese flavour. They’re Syn free, too! 

Get the full recipe

syn free piri piri chicken skewers

Diet Coke Chicken

Have you tried Diet Coke chicken before? If not, you really need to give it a try! I have it every couple of weeks, and I serve it with rice or mashed potatoes. 

Click here to get the recipe

diet coke chicken

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

This Chinese chicken fried rice is one of those meals where you can just chuck everything in the pan and let it work its magic! It has veggies in the form of mangetout and mushrooms, though you can happily add any leftover vegetables from your fridge that need using up. 

Get the recipe

slimming world chinese chicken fried rice

Firecracker Chicken

I love spicy food, so I really love this firecracker chicken! It’s a really unique meal, and it’s a brilliant weekend choice when you deserve something a little special. 

Here’s the recipe

slimming world firecracker chicken

Have you tried any of these Slimming World chicken recipes? 

If so, I’d love to hear what you thought of them! You can leave a comment below, or use the hashtag #slimmingviolet and tag me @slimmingviolet over on Instagram

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